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10 Best Places to Travel in a Recession

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By Bob Levin on July 26th, 2011

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As a matter of fact, recession has put everyone in a constrained position with limited money available to afford the luxury of traveling. During a stressful time of recession, one would say it is the perfect time to take a vacation and be away from where you are to feel refreshed and stress free, but then reality hits us with the cost associated with traveling. However, there are some places which make it possible for us to travel even with limited financial freedom. The top 3 places to visit are:

1. INDIA: With an average flight cost of $880, average hotel price of $100 and average daily spending of as low as $12 a day makes India a viable travel option. A weeklong stay in India would cost an average of approximately $1700 per person. At such comparatively low prices who wouldn’t want to avail the opportunity of visiting a culturally-rich country with breath-taking historical and religious sites. Moreover, the location is perfect for any individual who wants to taste the spicy Indian food that tantalizes the taste buds.

2.  AUSTRALIA: With the financial crisis that invaded the entire world, dollar gained the advantage of having many foreigners flocking to the U.S currency which consequentially made some of the pricey dream vacation destinations comparatively cheaper; Australia being one of them. There has been a drop of approximately 28% in the Australian currency making traveling less expensive than before for individuals who dreamed of going to Australia. The round-trip ticket costs an average of $1400 which compared to other locations is rather expensive but Australia lovers or individuals dreaming of visiting Australia should avail the opportunity of traveling at less expensive rates.

3. ICELAND: Before the recession hit the world, Iceland was one of the most expensive places to visit in Europe. However, now that the currency has gone down 51% since the recession, Iceland has become affordable and one of the most popular vacation destination. A round-trip ticket costs starts from as low as $500, initially which was above $1000, and high-end hotels can now be rented for $60. Iceland provides tourists with all kinds of activities starting from skiing to horse-riding for adventure-loving travelers to high end bars and clubs for night-life loving tourists.

Other places to visit even during the time of recession are:

4. MALAYSIA: The average cost of 7-day stay at Malaysia is $2,217 with average flight cost of $1000, average hotel prices of $145 and cost per day of approximately $150.

5. THAILAND: A weeklong trip to one of the friendliest countries in the world would cost an average of $2208. With an average flight expense of $1270, hotel prices of $112 and everyday mid-range budget cost of $134, Thailand is among the most attractive travel destinations.

6. EGYPT: To visit some of the most attractive places in Egypt such as Dahab, it only costs and average of $1250 for a 7 day trip. Average flight cost is $600, average hotel price is $75 and average cost per day is less than $100 dollars.

The other options and their average daily cost for food and accommodation are:

7. PERU – $25

8. ECUADOR – $34

9. PORTUGAL – $44

10. HUNGARY - $70

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