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Tips for Traveling to England With Your Baby

By Bob Levin on June 26th, 2012

Categories: Wayne's Travel Suggestions

It is never easy to travel with an infant. You must constantly be prepared for the unexpected. Making hotel reservations in advance will at least take that concern of lodging from your mind. If your destination is London, quality hotels are not a problem. The entire UK is dotted with great hotels and motels that will let you have a vacation that won’t send you home bankrupt.

Great hotels provide excellent service which is almost a prerequisite when traveling with a baby. It will be easy to find anything you need for baby care in England, even though it may be called by a different name. Your hotel room will be equipped with a changing table and bassinette or crib, depending on the baby’s age, so long as you specify that you are traveling with a baby.

Even though your hotel room will be at a low rate, services will not be stunted. Your hotel lodging will include all the amenities as if you had paid full price. When you want to explore London for an evening out, a nanny will be available for hire. These nannies are qualified and certified. You can also rent a car in advance so that when you get to your hotel, your rental car will be waiting for you, with baby car seat installed.

Taking a trip to Paris from London can be one of the biggest excitements of the entire trip to Europe. You can drive in your rental car to Folkestone in Kent, deposit the car onto the Eurostar shuttle, let yourself be transported through the Channel Tunnel, roll off again in Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais and you are in France. From there, you drive to your hotel rooms in Paris and enjoy low rates and quality lodging there. You will have excellent accommodations in your rooms and the most helpful hotel staff. Your baby will never feel any discomfort because your hotel reservations were carefully considered by the hotel management and everything was done to make your stay as pleasant as possible.


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Top Five American Beaches

By Bob Levin on June 19th, 2012

Categories: Popular Cities

Some of the best beaches in the United States are well within your reach when you make hotel reservations in advance. You can take advantage of low rates that last for only a short time or make your reservations for year ‘round economically priced hotel rooms. For whichever beach you make your reservations for your hotel or quality motel, you will never be far from your destination.

The number one beach for a long time has been Maui. Beautiful Hawaii seems to abound with pristine beaches, one more inviting than the next. Your motel lodging, or hotel rooms, will be within walking distance of any beach, if it is not directly at the beach. The low rates will help make this a wonderful vacation.

Number two of the most fabulous beaches goes to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Here you will have hotel rooms in United States territory but get the Caribbean Island flavor thrown in. You get to experience steel drums and exotic foods and yet not be linguistically impaired by not knowing a certain foreign language. The beaches are clean and white, and island life will let you relax like never before.

The third and fourth spots have been reserved for The Big Island of Hawaii and Oahu respectively. Usually you find prices that are a little steep when making motel reservations in any place in Hawaii. That is not always the case right now. You can go on the internet and do a little research on travel prices and motel rooms. You may be very surprised at the extremely low rates that are being offered. If you go during a time that is off-season, you may even save more.

Fifth, another great place of beaches is the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from mainland North Carolina, you will experience history like you never did before. This is a great beach, with wonderful quality motels, for windsurfing and those who like to fish will think they’ve gone to heaven.

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Relaxing and Exploring Hawaii

By Bob Levin on June 12th, 2012

Categories: Popular Cities, Wayne's Travel Suggestions

For many people, Hawaii is a dream vacation, and rightfully so. Make your motel reservations early to get the best discounts available. You will be traveling to a cluster of islands where one is more beautiful than the next. The Big Island has many sights to offer that will impress your sense of beauty for many years to come. Culturally very diverse, you will be able to book great hotel rooms at very low rates.

Activities that include surfing, snorkeling, just lying on the beach or swimming in the ocean are something the natives take for granted but visitors enjoy as special fare. For non-aquatic exploration, there are many hiking trails you can take. Guides will be available if you are not sure where you are going or what you want to see. If your children are with you and the adults want a night to explore Hawaii’s night life, child care can be provided by the staff in many of the quality motels and hotels.

With such low rates for your motel lodging, you can afford to do a few things extra that otherwise your budget may not have permitted. You can actually upgrade your motel rooms because of the cheaper rates and get a motel room that is bigger or has a better view. Or you can spend that extra cash buying presents and souvenirs. Island hopping is another great adventure that lets you see all of Hawaii instead of only the Big Island.

Walk through many of the large pineapple plantations or take a tour through Chinatown. You may be surprised that you are in Hawaii and not in China itself when you see the wares, the streets and the population there. After your day trips and island exploring, you can return to your motel room and soak in a tub to let all the day’s experiences wash leisurely over you again.

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Americans Warming Up To Summer Travel In 2012

By Bob Levin on June 5th, 2012

Categories: Wayne's Travel Suggestions

With the economy in less dire straits than many perhaps predicted, Americans are feeling more confident to travel on their vacation this year. Many are still a little hesitant to go all out and take those big long vacations, breaking it into a couple of smaller ones. However Americans choose to spend their vacation time, they can catch fabulous deals. Hotels and motels are offering rooms at great prices that make vacations affordable. Motel reservations are necessary to cash in on those deals for travelers.

Many motels have standing agreements with car rental companies that ensure you a reduced rate or at least a good deal on car rentals for your day trips. Motel lodging can be a vacation in itself. Most motels offer many amenities such as movie rental, swimming pools, free Wi-Fi connections and sometimes even game rooms. Kids just love the pool after you have had a full day of sight-seeing. While adults can relax at poolside, kids can wear themselves out before bedtime.

If you have pets and want to take them along, find out if the motel is pet-friendly before you make your motel reservation. If the hotel or motel does take in pets, you may have to have certain documents with you. For instance, some hotels may want you to produce a rabies certificate when you bring your pet. This is mainly for insurance purposes but serves also for the consideration of the other guests and staff should your pet get lose.

You can find fantastic deals for hotel and motel stay at many different locations throughout the United States at prices that are absolutely affordable. These cut-rate prices apply to quality motels. In fact, because travel has been at a slower pace in recent times, you may get deals you really didn’t know existed!’s Best Price Guarantee:

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