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The Forbidden City Is One of the Top Destinations in Beijing, China

By Bob Levin on November 27th, 2012

Categories: Popular Cities

The capital of China, Beijing is one of the most populated cities in the world with more than 19 million people living there in 2010. There are so many fabulous attractions in Beijing that you may be lost as to where to start. Many would tell you the best place is the Forbidden City and this is true for all sorts of reasons. If you’re travelling with a group, checking out the Beijing group travel discounts at would be a fantastic idea!

Forbidden City

The largest palace in the world covers around 720,000 square meters. It houses more than 9,000 rooms spread out over 800 buildings. During the Ming and Qing Dynasty it held 24 emperors ruling China. Nominated by the UNESCO to be part of the world’s cultural heritage spots, it is also considered the number five in most at beautiful palaces worldwide. It is located in Tiananmen Square, which coincidentally is the world’s largest city square and another must see attraction.

Built with beauty in mind, it got its name from the fact that no commoner was allowed anywhere near it. It seems to have stepped right out a fantasy tale complete with dragons decorating many walls and structures and a six foot deep moat. When visiting, make sure you don’t miss the Treasure Gallery, the Dragon Throne and the Hall of Supreme Harmony.

The Great Wall

A trip to Beijing, China would simply not be complete without seeing the massive wall that is so famous. It attracts thousands of people daily and is considered one of the wonders in the world. The Great Wall of China covers approximately 8,851.78 km. It holds the Ming tombs which hold 13 different emperors in a cluster that ruled from the period 1368 thru 1644. The total area spans approximately 120 km sq. in Changping County. Visit for the Changping hotel deals available for you.

The Summer Palace

Don’t forget to check out the grandest imperial garden worldwide. It includes the Temple of Heaven as well as Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake. These gardens are famous worldwide and a definite must see. If you looking for a nearby place to enjoy all these great locations, provides a list of China hotel deals you can choose form.

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Ontario, Canada-Where Big City Fun Meets the Great Outdoors

By Bob Levin on November 20th, 2012

Categories: Popular Cities

Visiting Ontario, Canada gives you a chance to take care of any cultural events like touring museums, checking out the arts or seeing fantastic plays. It also gives you the chance to give into your wild side and take part in outdoor events that are unique and life changing. Take the public wolf howling for example. So much fun await for those who visit this place and offers great Ontorio hotel deals that can make your stay even sweeter.

Algonquin Park Wolf Howling

Every Thursday night prior to Labor Day (August and September) while the weather is still good and the wolves are agreeable it’s possible to come out and hear the throaty call of the wild. The travelers who have had a chance to hear these magnificent animals all agree there is not other sound that embodies nature quite like their voice lifted to the stars. Contact the park to inquire if there will be a howl Thursday evening.

Kensington Market

Many travelers love the St. Jacob Farmer’s Market which takes place every Saturday throughout the year. At this market you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time, getting offerings from the Amish and haggling over prices. The Kensington gives an entirely different feel. Walk among unique cafes, shops offering vintage clothing, gourmet restaurants and a host of other cultural storefronts. Toronto is a culturally rich center and this market can illustrate just a sampling of what the city can offer. There are a lot of hotels near Kensington Market in North York where you can stay in while enjoying all these experiences.

Niagara Falls

While there is certainly no bad time to visit Niagara Falls many will tell you there is nothing quite like the falls in winter. You can catch a mist covering the falls and a layer of fresh snow setting off the streetlights dripping with ice. Bits of frozen areas and water rushing through make for an attraction like nothing you’ve seen. There is a reason that Niagara Falls is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Make the most out of your vacation budget by taking advantage of the Niagara Falls hotel discounts found in

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A Trip Down Under Wouldn’t Be the Same Without A Stop In Sydney Australia

By Bob Levin on November 13th, 2012

Categories: Popular Cities

Considered the pride of Australia, Sydney is certainly a spot you should have at the top of your list if you’re considering a trip down under. There is something for everyone to enjoy in this rich part of Australia. When you decide to make a trip here, take advantage of the Sydney hotel discounts that has to offer.

Manly Beach & Sydney Harbor Beach

At the top of places to see in Sydney, Australia are these two iconic beaches. You can select a tour by canoe that will show you many of the fantastic coves and caves in the beach area, or choose to simply take Manly Ferry. This harbor is the spot where settlers from Europe first landed and therefore was the place for the first European colony.

While at the harbor, be sure to visit the famous Opera house and the bridge. The Sydney Opera House is a building that is considered to be one of the most distinctive in the world. You can catch many different performing art shows here. You can also get wonderful views of these beautiful places by taking the ferry to the island of Manly, named for the original locals and the ‘manly’ way they behaved.

Kangaroo Valley

If you’re looking for a visit that’s a little closer to nature this may be the place for you. Here you can enjoy tons of wildlife, including the kangaroos for which the valley is named, along with river site camping. One of the most favored attractions of the area is all the wineries where you can take tours and sample some delicious Australian wine. Book in one of the Kangaroo Valley cheap hotels for a uniquely delightful experience.

The Rocks

This maze of warehouses, shops, courtyards and cul-de-sacs dates to the time when Sydney was still just a colony for convicts. Most buildings were built in the early 19th century and today tourists love to hit the lanes and visit all the little pubs, shops and restaurants that are available.

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What is a public wolf howling and where can you see one?

By Bob Levin on November 7th, 2012

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Discount Travel Tucson, Arizona – Golfing Is Just One Of The Many Reasons To Travel Here

By Bob Levin on November 6th, 2012

Categories: Cheap Hotels, Popular Cities


Discount travel can be found when in Tucson, Arizona

Arizona means you’re going to get a chance to see lots of beautiful attractions, hit the golf course, taste some sweet wine and soak up the sun. There are many places you’ll want to see while traveling out west but when it comes to Tucson here are the top spots to stop.

Catalina State Park

Famous for being the spot of the Hohokam village which happens to be the site for the Indian tribe that is known to be the oldest; Catalina State Park has many attractions for you to check out. The Hohokam tribe is now extinct so the site offers a rare glimpse into American history. It’s located off Oracle Road and is the perfect place for those wishing to take in the scenes and catch some fantastic pictures. There are many discount travel hotels near Catalina State Park in Tucson so visitors won’t have to look too far.

Sonora Desert Museum has discount travel deals to be found

If you’re looking to get a glimpse of some of nature’s more quirky critters this is the place to stop. Here you have a chance to see some of these highly adapted animals in habitats nature intended. Many tourists love to get the pictures and views of the amazing mountain ranges as well. For those looking to snag a souvenir or two, there is also the Sonora Desert gift shop. With the Tucson hotel discounts you can find at, you can even save money to add up to your shopping budget.

Check Out the Stars at Kitt Peak National Observatory

Just an hour to the southwest of Tucson, Arizona is Kitt Peak National Observatory. Here skies are clear all year long and therefore it is one of the largest observatories in the world. It’s a public attraction that gets thousands of tourists a year. You can see some of the most amazing cosmic happenings by looking up to these skies!

Can you snow ski in the desert?

Well, no, but in an hour, you can drive from the arid, sunny climate in Tucson to Mount Lemmon Ski Valley at 9,150 feet above sea level. Get more discount travel details here.

Take a Wine Tour

Just a few miles southeast of Tucson you’ll see the landscape change. In no more than an hour’s drive from Tucson you’ll be in the heart of Arizona wine country. Here you’ll be able to check out small cafes with delicious food and take wine tasting trips galore. Visit to see the list of discount travel deals for Tucson that can make your vacation more fun and exciting.



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