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Cable Cars and Trains – Make Transportation Enjoyable in Cairns, Australia

By Bob Levin on January 29th, 2013

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Cairns: A Great Nature Getaway

Cairns, Australia is the type of vacation you take if you’re ready to enjoy nature at its finest. The breathtaking tours, amazing water sports, and world famous scenery are a great ‘getaway’ from the hectic nature of day to day life. Traveling to Cairns with a group can make your vacation extra memorable and the Cairns group travel discounts at will help you plan your trip and save some extra cash.

Rainforest Journey Up The Kuranda Range

One of the most popular tours of Cairns is the cable car tour that takes you that takes up into the Kuranda mountains. These cable cars are not for those afraid of heights. The cars go above the tropical forest, allowing you to observe natural rivers and beautiful waterfalls. There are multiple stations where the cars stop so you can walk about and enjoy the views. If heights are no problem to you, make sure to put this trip on your ‘to do’ list when traveling Australia.

For those of us that enjoy scenery, but are not too fond of hanging by a small rope above the forest, we can take the scenic train. You can take a bus up to Kuranda, and hop on the train that will wisp you through the forest by rail. This train also passes by beautiful waterfalls, and canyons. It stops at an Aborigine village where there are plenty of local crafts and souvenirs that can be purchased.

One of the great things about Cairns, Australia is its location. Although there are no big cities or flashing lights nearby, it is one of the most central locations to stay in if you are planning to get all you can from the nature of Australia. Cairns is located only 40 km south of Port Douglas – the home to the Great Barrier Reef. There are many day-tours that leave from Cairns and charter you to your locations.

Take some time to check out the Cairns hotel deals before you book your trip. provides a list of cheap hotel rates in Cairns that will make your trip affordable and fun!

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Get Sandy in Sydney!

By Bob Levin on January 22nd, 2013

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Sydney: The Capital City of New South Wales

Not only is the beautiful city of Sydney the most populated city in Australia, but it is also the capital city of New South Wales. This history rich destination is a great place to vacation, especially with all the Sydney hotel deals that are around. Whether you wish to enjoy a nice walk along the white capped oceans, or go through and explore the beautiful botanic gardens, Sydney has a lot to offer to the curious spirit!

Sydney Harbor is one of the most talked about attractions in Australia. One could actually spend their entire vacation enjoying the attractions that the harbor encloses. If you’re up for an upbeat day, spend some time walking around and enjoying the many street performers while you watch cruise ships come and go. The Opera house in the background will provide you with some lovely scenery.

Sydney is also home to some gorgeous secluded beaches. Grab your family and spend the day on one of the sandy terrains, while you gaze at the people walking by. There is no better backdrop to a relaxing beach day than the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

You can’t have a trip to Sydney without at least visiting the well known Opera House. Grab a tour with one of the guides and enjoy a visual exploration into the 1,000 room house. This historic building has 300 corridors and even more interesting facts and secrets to be told. Learn about the history of the inhabitants and performers along with the innovative architecture of the building. Perhaps you’ll even be lucky enough to be visiting when a performance is in town!

Save Money with Great Sydney Travel Deals

Sydney, Australia is a destination that will not be forgotten. It’s truly a place where the architecture and scenery is as interesting as the people that live there. Be sure to check out for Sydney hotel discounts. If you are traveling with your family or friends, you can save some money by taking advantage of the Sydney group hotel rates.

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What’s the best time of the year to travel to Germany?

By Bob Levin on January 16th, 2013

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Have a ‘Pint’ in the Streets of Berlin

By Bob Levin on January 15th, 2013

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Berlin Is For The Lovers of History, Arts and Travel

If you’re planning a trip to Germany be sure to check out the third most populated city in all of Europe- Berlin. This destination is great for history lovers, art buffs, partiers, and travelers! There are over 170 great museums in this capital city, and over 7,000 different watering holes and eateries. Perhaps, this is reason why there are lots of cheap hotel deals in Berlin, Germany.

The climate of Berlin is much like the United States, in that the warmest times to visit would include the summer months of June, July, and August. Most of the activities that tourists partake in when traveling this area are historic tours and leisure meals.

The Best of Classical Music From Berlin Philharmonic

The Berlin Philharmonic is one of the most traveled to locations in all of Germany. It’s known for its obscure architecture and has been said to have some of the best classical music in all of Germany. If you are a large classic music fan make sure to plan your trip around when a concert is in town. If you love the opera, book into one of the hotels near German Opera Berlin.

If you’re interested in gazing at some infamous history the Pergamon Museum may be a good stop for you. This internationally renowned museum contains the Altar of Zeus along with many other interesting artifacts.

Sometimes the best things to do on vacation contain sitting down with a cold ‘pint’ and eating a great meal. Berlin is known for some of its great craft beers. After one of the interesting and educational tours, sit down at one of Germany’s best microbreweries and drink with some of the locals. Try some authentic German cuisine and take in the sights around you.

Berlin, Germany is a city of history and art. There are countless museums, art galleries, and restaurants to keep you occupied on your trip. Check out for some of the best Berlin hotel discounts around!

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Question: How long in advance should I get my passport?

By Bob Levin on January 9th, 2013

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Munich, Germany Likes You

By Bob Levin on January 8th, 2013

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You’re Liked in Munich

The city motto of Munich, Germany is “München mag dich”, which translates to ‘Munich likes you’. What better place to visit where the city’s motto is as welcoming as the people!

Munich is the capital city of the state of Bavaria. It’s also the third largest city in Germany. Located near the river Isar and the Bavarian Alps, Munich has exceptional scenery to offer its visitors.

Try Experiencing The Munich Scenery From Above

A great way to truly experience the scenery of Munich is to take a helicopter tour above the city. offers tours that will go through the alps, over lakes, through the valleys, and of course over the city. There are a variety of tours you can choose from, and you’re allowed to have up to three passengers per flight. There really isn’t a better way to start out a Munich vacation than to fly over the city you will be staying in.

If you’re having this trip on budget, you may as well take advantage of some of the free scenic areas to visit. You can check many cheap hotel deals in Munich, Germany to have extra savings. The English Garden is one of the most popular gardens to visit in Munich. This (not so English) garden contains a Greek Temple, Japanese tea house, and a Chinese pagoda. Like most places in Germany, this park will serve you up a beer that you can sip on through your walk around.

Another very popular destination in Munich is the BMW Headquarters and bowl-shaped museum. This museum allows for you to get a glimpse into the intricate makings of the well-known automobiles and motorcycles. You may even be able to acquire a bit of knowledge about the history of this famous brand!

Whether you’re viewing Munich from sky, aboard one of Germany’s finest helicopters, or you’re walking through a park drinking a pint, you will definitely be able to experience the culture and history that this city has to offer. can help you find the best best hotel deals in Munich, Germany.

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