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Delight In A Harbor Cruise Of Hamburg, Germany

By Bob Levin on March 26th, 2013

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Harbor Cruises are One of Hamburg’s Highlights

Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city and its busy port is responsible for much of this city’s wealth. While an affluent city, plenty of Hamburg hotel discounts are available so that you can take advantage of all the delights that this city has to offer. Harbor cruises are one of the most popular attractions. A harbor cruise around this port, one of Europe’s busiest, offers an astounding view and insight into this amazing operation. While a transportation hub may seem an unlikely venue for a tourist attraction, cruises on the Elbe river around the harbor and port are one of the highlights offered by this large, affluent city.

The vast size of the port, founded in 1189, is breathtaking. As the cruise slowly circles around the nearly mile wide shipping terminal for containers, the enormity of this operation is evident. You’ll see giant cranes on the industrial island load shipping containers onto a sea of massive ships, while containers piled up by the thousands await loading. While not a natural wonder of the world, Hamburg’s port is still an amazement not to be missed.

Harbor Cruises are One of Hamburg’s Highlights

Another sight on the cruise that is not to be missed is the Speicherstadt. Originally built to be used as warehouses for the toll free section of Hamburg’s port, the buildings are designed of brick and sit on islands in the canal. Now, in addition to storing goods from all over the world, the Speicherstadt is used for office space, and there are numerous cafes and museums housed there as well.

In addition to the port operations and the Speicherstadt, the harbor cruise offers numerous other sights, including several floating, dry docks. The shipyards are another interesting feature of the cruise and you may even get a glimpse of the various yachts owned by millionaires that are docked there. You may even see workers in the shipyard building or repairing one of the many ships.

When finished with your cruise, there is still plenty more to see in Hamburg. Among the tourist attractions to visit are museum ships as well as something one does not see every day – a floating church boat. Additionally, there are theaters, bars and restaurants throughout the wharf area and the city. There are also plenty of Hamburg cheap hotels to stay in while you enjoy this interesting city.

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There’s Something For Everyone In Melbourne, Australia

By Bob Levin on March 19th, 2013

Categories: Cheap Hotels, Popular Cities

If you’re looking for a travel destination that offers fun for everyone, Melbourne, Australia is a great choice. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, and it is the second most populated city in all of Australia. Despite its population, this city offers easily navigable streets to get you to your destination, and its laneways are full of some of the best dining and shopping establishments in the country. Additionally, as any local will tell you, Melbourne’s coffee is unbeatable.

Relax at Melbourne’s St. Kilda Pier

One of the most popular attractions is St. Kilda Pier. Here, you can take a walk, cycle, or rollerblade while enjoying the beautiful panoramic view of Port Philip Bay and Melbourne’s skyline. You can also spend your day fishing off the pier, or you can take a ferry ride to Williamston. At dusk, you can sit and relax while on the lookout for the fairy penguins in the break water. When you’re ready for a snack, the St. Kilda Pier Kiosk is at the end of the pier. With the many Melbourne hotel discounts available, you will be able stay long enough to see everything in this exciting city while still saving money.

While enjoying the scenery of this beautiful city, be sure to visit Eureka Tower. Designed in gold, red, blue and white to pay tribute to the rebellion that occurred during the gold rush in Victoria in 1854, the Eureka Tower is an amazing feat of architecture. The breathtaking views of the city offered from the skyscraper are phenomenal, and its observation deck 88 floors above ground offers the highest view available from a building in all of the southern hemisphere.

Watch A Melbourne Football Game

If visiting Melbourne between late March and September, make arrangements to watch an Australian Football League game. Nine teams are located in the city, and Melbourne is also home to the Melbourne Cricket Ground or MCG. The MCG is the home field for five of the city’s teams, and it seats more than 100,000 fans. A day of watching an exciting game of football at this massive venue is one you won’t soon forget. With the numerous Melbourne cheap hotels to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding lodging during your visit so that you can stay and watch a game or two.

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What is there to do in Melbourne, Australia?

By Bob Levin on March 13th, 2013

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Intriguing Attractions In Xian, China

By Bob Levin on March 12th, 2013

Categories: Popular Cities

Xian, China is a city rich in history in culture. It was the capital city throughout many of China’s dynasties, including the Zhou, Han, and Tang. Its name translates to “peace in the west”, and its historical name, Chang An, means “perpetual peace”. With many Xian hotel discounts, you can afford to spend several days in this city, soaking up its culture. Many of the attractions to be found in this marvelous city are one of a kind.

Xian’s Unhidden Secret: The Army of Terra Cotta Warriors

When in Xian, China, a visit to see the Army of Terra Cotta Warriors is a must. These magnificent terra cotta sculptures were discovered by a well-digging farmer in 1974. There are three excavation pits to view, with the first being the largest. In addition, there is an exhibit of horses and chariots as well. The excavation site can be reached by bus or taxi, and is within close distance of many of Xian cheap hotels.

The Huaqing Hot Spring offers beautiful scenery, perfect for a relaxing break from shopping and other activities. The highlight of the hot spring is its history, including a romantic story about Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang dynasty and his concubine. This beautiful garden setting offers beauty and history in a peaceful setting.

Xian’s Muslim Quarters and Great Mosque

For a combination of shopping as well as a fascinating look at everyday life in Xian, visit the Muslim Quarters and the Great Mosque. While some of the lettering and décor are Arabic, the majority of this unique Mosque is of Chinese architecture. The vendors have stalls offering a wide array of items for sale, including many one-of-a-kind items. The walkways and streets are teeming with life, offering an interesting view of culture and history combined in this beautiful and historically rich city.

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Relax At The Beautiful Yu Yuan Garden Of Shanghai, China

By Bob Levin on March 5th, 2013

Categories: Popular Cities

When having a tour of Shanghai, you must take time to visit the amazing Yu Yuan Garden. This famous garden, located near the Wall in the northern part of Shanghai, offers breathtaking beauty that makes for a relaxing break from the shopping and sights of the city. With the many Shanghai, China hotel deals available, you could spend a full day at this beautiful garden, rest up, and then visit more of the city the next day.

A Short History of Shanghai’s Yu Yuan Garden

Yu Yuan Garden was built in the late 17th century, at the time of the Ming dynasty, and it was designed similarly to the imperial gardens of the royal families, but it was built by a Chinese official. The official’s parents longed to see an imperial garden, but their age made them too frail for the long trip. Their devoted son created the garden for them, and named it Yu Yuan, meaning health and calm.

After the death of its designer, the garden was left untended and became severely overgrown. Although a few attempts were made over the years to restore its beauty, it wasn’t until the mid 1950s that a full restoration was completed. This restoration project also included a part of the neighborhood, also from the Ming dynasty, that housed the garden. Yu Yuan Garden was declared a national monument in 1982, and visitors have been delighting in its beauty ever since.

Yu Yuan Garden: A Must-See Travel Stop In Shanghai

The Yu Yuan Garden is just over six acres in size. Its architecture includes all of the essential elements of a traditional garden building in China, and it is, of course, modeled after the traditional imperial gardens. Each detail of the garden, from the halls and artificial ponds to the layout of the trees, flowers, and vegetation, has been carefully planned to create a stunning view. When staying at one of the Shanghai cheap hotels and either taking a break from the nearby shopping and dining establishments, or making a day of the loveliness and relaxation offered by the Yu Yuan Garden, this is one attraction of Shanghai that you must visit.

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