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Family Fun In Tampa, Florida

By Bob Levin on April 23rd, 2013

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Tampa, Florida offers plenty of sunshine and sand, along with amusement parks to delight the whole family. However, with the magnificence of the Gulf of Mexico as this city’s backdrop, there are plenty of other things to do in Tampa, as well as Florida group travel discountsthat will allow you to get the most out of your visit to the Sunshine State.

Plenty of Choices in Tampa

Whether you and your family would like to spend a day fishing or prefer an evening dinner cruise, Tampa offers numerous choices. You can hop on a boat early in the morning and spend the day fishing on the Gulf for a truly memorable experience. If you prefer enjoying the bounties of the sea rather than catching them yourself, dinner cruises are available that will give you a beautiful view of the city skyline and a remarkable meal. Daytime sightseeing tours are also available, where you can enjoy the beauty of the coast, assorted historical areas, and luxurious waterfront homes. If you are bringing your pet along in your trip, Florida pet friendly hotel deals are available so you won’t have to leave them at home.

Take A Visit in Tampa’s MOSI Technology Center

The entire family will also enjoy a visit to the MOSI Technology Center. The MOSI provides more than 450 exhibits that are interactive. Visitors of all ages will enjoy the displays that honor the American spirit, creativity, and imagination. The MOSI also has an IMAX dome theater that allows visitors to become fully integrated into science and technology. Motel deals in Tampa, FL often include discounts to the center.

After experiencing a hands on display of technology, return to nature with a visit to the Lowry Park Zoo. This 56 acre venue houses more than 1500 animals from around the world. There are numerous shops at the zoo, and of course plenty of dining opportunities as well. Once you’ve had your fill of land animals, you can take the family to the Florida Aquarium. In addition to the many aquatic attractions, an aviary and botanical gardens are there to enjoy also. In all, more than 20,000 species of animals and plants are represented in the aquarium, all housed in an air-conditioned building that offers a pleasant break from the Tampa sunshine.

If you are just taking a quick stay in the city and you need to make sure you don’t miss your flight, go to to check out the hotels near Tampa – Airport area in Saint Petersburg, FL. There are generally many hotel options in different neighborhoods and we can help you determine which hotel offers the rates and proximity to the area that you are looking for.

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What are some of Toronto’s hotspots?

By Bob Levin on April 17th, 2013

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Charming And Intriguing Toronto

By Bob Levin on April 16th, 2013

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Toronto, Ontario’s capital city, offers a diverse variety of attractions for visitors. Beautiful parks adorn this city located on Lake Ontario’s northern bank, and there are plenty of restaurants and places to shop as well. The best deals on Toronto hotels also often include discounts to various attractions to be found in this magnificent city.

Enjoy Toronto’s Recreational Center

The Harbourfront is a large recreational area that includes the Caribana Festival, Winter City, and the exciting Toronto International Film Festival. The Canadian National Exhibition is located at the Harbourfront as well. Nearby attractions include the Air Canada Center and the CN Tower. A day at the Harbourfront is a day well spent enjoying the culture and history of Toronto.

For a charming view of Victorian architecture, a visit to Yorkville is a must. The numerous attractions there include boutiques, galleries full of art, and amazing restaurants. If you prefer to make your own meals, stop by the St. Lawrence Market, which was named among the best markets in the world by Food and Wine magazine. The farmer’s market is open on Saturdays, and on Sunday’s, it is home to an antique market. Toronto hotel discounts are available weekends as well as weekdays.

Toronto’s Hockey Hall of Fame

Hockey enthusiasts would love a trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame. The displays are varied; some cater to younger fans, while others are for adults. Included in this interactive journey are a National Hockey League dressing room replica and various broadcast pods that play footage of memorable hockey moments. After viewing the rich history of hockey, you can visit the Eaton Center, which is home to 17 cinemas and hundreds of restaurants and shops.

Before ending your visit to Toronto, a day spent on Centre Island is in order. The village located on the island is pedestrian only, and it is accessed by a short ferry ride. The village boasts a delightful amusement park, beach areas, a yacht club, and assorted cafés and pubs. To learn more about Toronto cheap hotel rooms and book your vacation, contact

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What is so special about Montreal, Canada?

By Bob Levin on April 10th, 2013

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Montreal: North America’s Paris

By Bob Levin on April 9th, 2013

Categories: Popular Cities

Montreal is a charming city in Quebec, Canada. This large city offers visitors delightful natural beauty along with more modern attractions. For those seeking culture and natural beauty, Montreal is rich in history and filled with neoclassical and Gothic architecture. There are also plenty of amusement parks and casinos for the thrill seekers. Whatever is your pleasure, you’ll find great Montreal hotel discounts to help get you on your way to this magnificent city.

Visit the Oldest Church in Montreal

One historical site that shouldn’t be missed during a trip to Montreal is the famous Notre-Dame Basilica, the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Quebec. Renowned for the beauty of its architecture, this tourist attraction draws many visitors each day. If your interests extend to museums that house collections of a truly rare nature, visit the Montreal Insectarium. Collected from specimens across the world, the insects that have been preserved and are showcased in the museum offer a fascinating look at the natural world.The natural habitats of the insects have been recreated, adding to the interest of this unique museum. In addition, Montreal is home to a zoo, the Biodome de Montreal, that is full of many exotic birds and rare specimens.

Mount Royal Offers Breathtaking View of Montreal

Mount Royal is another destination in Montreal that you will want to make time for. After arriving at one of the many Montreal cheap hotel rooms, this mountain makes a great first stop after a period of traveling. The view of the city offered by Mount Royal is breathtaking, and you’ll get an idea of the layout of the city for the remainder of your sightseeing. Another venue that will offer some relaxation and recovery from travel is The Ovarium Bains Flottants Thérapeutiques, Massothérapie & Pulsar. The pools of water in this spa are specially treated to allow visitors a sense of weightlessness that is the ultimate in relaxation. Once you are fully relaxed, you will be ready to head out to the Rue Ste. Catherine to get a glimpse of life as one of the locals. Contact for the best deals on Montreal hotels to book your trip to this fascinating city.

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