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Top Hawaiian Beaches You Need to Go To

By Bob Levin on July 23rd, 2013

Categories: Popular Cities

Hawaii is the ultimate destination for a lot of people all over the world. This part of the world has been known to attract a variety of tourists in the summer time as well as in winter and spring. The one reason why there is so much hustle and bustle all year around is the attractive power of the sandy beaches and the clear waters.

Save Cash By Getting Great Hawaii Travel Deals

However, before heading there, remember to book a Hawaii cheap hotel so that you can enjoy the whole island without paying much for accommodation. You can also get some of the best Hawaii hotel deals via so that you can further reduce your accommodation bill. With this factor booked and managed, you can easily enjoy the following two top Hawaii beaches without a worry in the world.

Most Amazing Hawaii Beaches

The Duke Kahanamoku Beach- Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

The Duke Kahanamoku beach is part of the Waikiki Beach and is situated in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort. It is the largest and widest beach in Waikiki and is ideal for families with children. However, whether you are alone or with your family, you should always take care of wearing the right footwear as the beach does have a rocky bottom. That aside, you are welcome to take part in a special event that takes place every Friday night: the ‘King’s Jubilee’ torch lightening ceremony. Featuring fireworks, the event manages to attract a lot of tourists.

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park Oahu, Hawaii

This particular park has ample parking, outdoor showers, restrooms and a nice clear beach that is ideal for swimming. The one feature that makes this beach good for families is that there are rarely any dangerous currents and waves. Besides, because the life guards are always present, there is nothing to worry about.

So, visit these beaches soon, but first check out Hawaii hotel deals on to book your hotel in advance.

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The Attractive Features of Main Beach – East Hampton, New York

By Bob Levin on July 16th, 2013

Categories: Popular Cities

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East Hampton is known as the vacation playground for the rich and famous. The area is filled with clothing and footwear stores that are there to make summer vacations fun and bubbly. The Main Beach at East Hampton, New York is the main attraction for many who visit the area, especially in summer.

East Hampton’s Main Beach Among The Best Beaches

Did you know that Main Beach has been ranked Number One by Leatherman a.k.a. Dr. Beach? Yes, that is exactly right; according to this famous personality, the Main Beach in East Hamptons tops the best of the best. Besides, it is one of the few that managed to survive the superstorm Sandy. Unlike other beaches, the Hampton’s beach of New York is laid back and extremely friendly. This stretch of sand has a beautiful combination of water and sand which is clean from any sort of litter. If you want to get some East Hampton cheap hotels, you must make sure to reserve bookings before time because the beach is usually full, especially during the summer time.

Relaxing is Easy at East Hampton

An attractive feature of Main Beach is that it has roomy and clean locker rooms and bathrooms where you can change and shower in. Also, when you explore the area, you will note that there is a store where you can buy a variety of items such as snacks, umbrellas and towels. You will also be able to find some good East Hampton hotel deals while you are there. However, if you’d like to dine in fashion, there are a lot of cafes around the area as well. If you would like to visit Main Beach, you should know that a parking permit of $25 is needed; and even though it is pretty easy to find parking on the weekdays, the scenario is quite the opposite on weekends when the beaches are full. However, while planning your visit, make sure to check for East Hampton hotel discounts at through so you can get even better rates.

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The Historic City of Philadelphia

By Bob Levin on July 9th, 2013

Categories: Popular Cities

Philadelphia is popularly known as the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed.  However, the city is also full of other historic monuments, buildings and museums that you will surely want to see.  The part known as “Historic Philadelphia” covers parts of the old city and city center neighborhoods.  Luckily, you can explore these over a period of days if you get yourself checked in one of the available Philadelphia cheap hotels in the area.

What Philadelphia is Famous For

Once there, check out some of the most famous and favorite tourist destinations of Philadelphia, including the following three.

1. The Liberty Bell: No matter how short your visit, don’t forget to check out the ubiquitous cracked Liberty Bell.  If you can’t stay long because of your budget check out Philadelphia PA hotel deals as they can make your stay comfortable and extremely affordable.

2. Independence Hall: Another attraction you should check out the Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed.  When you enter the building, you can get a thorough and detailed tour.  However, you should know that even though entrance is free, you are required to have a ticket between March and December.

3. Franklin Court: The third place which you will find particularly interesting is the place where the Benjamin Franklin house first stood.  Sadly, the original house was torn down in the 1800’s, but the steel framed outline still exists.  The site where the house once stood is called the Franklin Court and has a museum with a print shop and a working post office that has Franklin’s originals postmarks and a lot of other material as well.

Getting Good Deals for Your Philadelphia Accommodation

So, check out Philadelphia hotel discounts on so that you can stay long in sunny Philly for long and see the above mentioned three attractions and other hotspots of the city.

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The Versatile City of Washington DC

By Bob Levin on July 2nd, 2013

Categories: Group Travel Discounts, Popular Cities

Even though Washington DC is popularly known due to its National Mall, truth is that there is a lot more to see and visit.  If you are planning to head there soon, keep on the lookout for Washington DC hotel discounts; so that you can easily stay in the capital without burdening your pocket.

So, now that this is off our chests, here are some ideas on the places you could visit while in Washington DC.

Washington DC’s Top Five Tourist Spots

The White House: Visiting Washington DC and not being able to see the White House is not complete.  This National Historic Landmark is also an accredited museum. Be sure to make reservations before you visit the building at it is mandatory to do so.

The National Zoo: If you are a nature and animal lover, you should visit the National Zoo.  Home to more than 435 different species of animals, the National Zoo is set within the Rock Creek National Park and occupies 163 acres of land.  If you are going to be traveling with friends and family, don’t forget to check out Washington DC Group Travel Discounts.

The Great Falls Park: If you are traveling to Washington DC with a loved one, you surely can’t afford to miss the 800 acre park located by the Potomac River.  This park has some of the most fabulous natural landmarks; so plan a hike or have a nice romantic picnic there.

Georgetown: If you are in the city to enjoy some good food and shopping, look no further than Georgetown, which is a blessing for anyone with a shopping craze.  All the restaurants in this area offer quality and you will surely love the look and feel of the cobblestone streets.

Find Excellent Travel Deals in Washington DC

When you’re done exploring these, make sure that you have a spot to head back to at the end of the day.  For some of the best Washington DC cheap hotels, explore and find out about your options.

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