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Affordable Travel Kansas City – A Vacation You Can Love

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By Bob Levin on September 18th, 2012

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Affordable Travel Vacation In Kansas City

Other than being the largest city in Missouri, Kansas City has been a top tourist destination for years. This partially has to do with it being crowned ‘America’s #1 Affordable Travel Getaway’. This city is full of attractions that are not only FREE, but can educate and excite you. Along with their costless endeavors, there are some great museums and sports related hotspots that need to be visited.

Kansas City was named the frugal traveler’s favorite destination due to the free attractions that it offers. You can easily find awesome affordable travel in Kansas City at There is a great factory tour of Hallmark Cards, along with Harley Davidson. These tours, although they differ greatly, can be something the whole family enjoys.

Affordable Travel For Major League Baseball

If you are a sports lover don’t forget to check out Kauffman Stadium. This baseball field was home to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game this last July. Massive amounts of baseball fans trailed in, in hopes to catch a glimpse of one of their favorite players. Additionally, Kansas City is known for hosting more college basketball tournament games than any other city in the nation. If you are visiting in March, make sure you get involved in the ‘madness’.

Kansas City is the host to the Civil War’s 150th Anniversary commemoration. This five-year endeavor has had both pro and anti-slavery simulations. Even if you are not a history buff, this interesting reiteration of America’s history is a fun way to gain education.

Having a tight budget is no excuse to not spend a vacation. affordable travel in Kansas City are easy to be found, and provides a number of Kansas City hotel discounts you can use.

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