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Americans Warming Up To Summer Travel In 2012

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By Bob Levin on June 5th, 2012

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With the economy in less dire straits than many perhaps predicted, Americans are feeling more confident to travel on their vacation this year. Many are still a little hesitant to go all out and take those big long vacations, breaking it into a couple of smaller ones. However Americans choose to spend their vacation time, they can catch fabulous deals. Hotels and motels are offering rooms at great prices that make vacations affordable. Motel reservations are necessary to cash in on those deals for travelers.

Many motels have standing agreements with car rental companies that ensure you a reduced rate or at least a good deal on car rentals for your day trips. Motel lodging can be a vacation in itself. Most motels offer many amenities such as movie rental, swimming pools, free Wi-Fi connections and sometimes even game rooms. Kids just love the pool after you have had a full day of sight-seeing. While adults can relax at poolside, kids can wear themselves out before bedtime.

If you have pets and want to take them along, find out if the motel is pet-friendly before you make your motel reservation. If the hotel or motel does take in pets, you may have to have certain documents with you. For instance, some hotels may want you to produce a rabies certificate when you bring your pet. This is mainly for insurance purposes but serves also for the consideration of the other guests and staff should your pet get lose.

You can find fantastic deals for hotel and motel stay at many different locations throughout the United States at prices that are absolutely affordable. These cut-rate prices apply to quality motels. In fact, because travel has been at a slower pace in recent times, you may get deals you really didn’t know existed!’s Best Price Guarantee:

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