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Budget Friendly Destinations for a Family Vacation

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By Bob Levin on February 2nd, 2012

Categories: The Travel Debunker

In order to enjoy a vacation with your family, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars visiting amusement parks and other expensive locations. When you want to go on vacation, but you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, there are several places and things you can do to relax, unwind and have a wonderful family trip filled with fun and memories.

You don’t even have to fly anywhere in order to find a getaway! Going to the beach in your own state can help you to relax, get room service, get a change from your usual schedule and enjoy a vacation with your family. You can find hotel deals much more easily when you choose to have your getaway during the week or during a weekend that is not normally busy.

There are many budget friendly destinations for a family vacation around the US.

Always wanted to go to Hawaii?

We  all know that Maui can be really expensive, but there are other places in Hawaii that you can visit. One of the most budget friendly places to go in Hawaii is Ka’anapali Beach! Some hotels in this area offer deals for kids and have several family friendly activities that won’t break your budget but will give you a smile and memories for a lifetime!


Don’t have the cash for a Disney Dream Vacation?

There are several hotels surrounding Disneyland and Disney World, you don’t have to stay inside the park or at the major Disney hotels in order to have a great time. Some of the hotels surrounding Disneyland and Disney World will provide you with an inexpensive room and a quick ride or walk to the park. This way you can save the money on the hotel and spend it on souvenirs and other fun stuff for your kids!

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