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Cable Cars and Trains – Make Transportation Enjoyable in Cairns, Australia

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By Bob Levin on January 29th, 2013

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Cairns: A Great Nature Getaway

Cairns, Australia is the type of vacation you take if you’re ready to enjoy nature at its finest. The breathtaking tours, amazing water sports, and world famous scenery are a great ‘getaway’ from the hectic nature of day to day life. Traveling to Cairns with a group can make your vacation extra memorable and the Cairns group travel discounts at will help you plan your trip and save some extra cash.

Rainforest Journey Up The Kuranda Range

One of the most popular tours of Cairns is the cable car tour that takes you that takes up into the Kuranda mountains. These cable cars are not for those afraid of heights. The cars go above the tropical forest, allowing you to observe natural rivers and beautiful waterfalls. There are multiple stations where the cars stop so you can walk about and enjoy the views. If heights are no problem to you, make sure to put this trip on your ‘to do’ list when traveling Australia.

For those of us that enjoy scenery, but are not too fond of hanging by a small rope above the forest, we can take the scenic train. You can take a bus up to Kuranda, and hop on the train that will wisp you through the forest by rail. This train also passes by beautiful waterfalls, and canyons. It stops at an Aborigine village where there are plenty of local crafts and souvenirs that can be purchased.

One of the great things about Cairns, Australia is its location. Although there are no big cities or flashing lights nearby, it is one of the most central locations to stay in if you are planning to get all you can from the nature of Australia. Cairns is located only 40 km south of Port Douglas – the home to the Great Barrier Reef. There are many day-tours that leave from Cairns and charter you to your locations.

Take some time to check out the Cairns hotel deals before you book your trip. provides a list of cheap hotel rates in Cairns that will make your trip affordable and fun!

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