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Things You Need To Do In Las Vegas, Nevada

By Bob Levin on August 20th, 2013

Categories: Cheap Hotels, Popular Cities

Las Vegas is a city full of exciting locations and places that you will surely get smitten with. Even though it is more popularly known for its casinos and clubs, the City of Lights has much more to offer. Last year, almost 40 million people came to visit this entertainment capital of the world. Seventeen of the top twenty hotels in the world are located in Las Vegas. In 2011, visitors stayed an average of 3.7 nights. Because Las Vegas sees tourists all around the year, you can expect to get some cheap hotel room deals letting you spend more on having fun.

If you are visiting Las Vegas for the first time and don’t know where to do or what to do, here are the tourist attractions you would not want to miss.

Sights You Shouldn’t Miss in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Strip: A number of signature attractions line up in the Strip. The Mirage Volcano started it all, featuring an eruption with a cool soundtrack. The rainstorm at Merchants Harbor at Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile will allow you to experience rain, thunder and lightning indoors while the performing statues at the Caesar’s Palace Forum Shops will mystify you with the destruction of Atlantis in fire and water. What usually was a standard pirate show, the Sirens of Treasure Island showcases plenty of fighting and explosives but now some scantily-clad women in the mix. Most of these free shows along the Las Vegas Strip play at regular intervals throughout the night.

The Bellagio Fountains: Even though there are a lot of free shows that you can go to outside the hotels in Las Vegas, one which is really worth going to is the Bellagio fountains. Every day, an 8.5 acre lake right in the middle of the dessert explodes with 1,214 spritzers that shoot water up to 460 feet in the air. These water rockets and dances are a breathtaking sight, especially for those who are seeing it for the first time.

Designer Dinner: Gambling and casinos is not the only reason why you should carry some serious cash when in Vegas since you will be more than tempted to try out some of the designer foods the city has to offer. Some of the locations that you can try out are the restaurant Guy Savoy at Caesars, the Atelier De Joel Robuchon at the world renowned MGM Grand, or if you are feeling like a steak and some wine, try out the SW Steakhouse at the Wynn. If you want to save some money to spend on designer food, check out some Las Vegas hotel discounts before traveling to the city.

Get the Best Hotel Rooms in Las Vegas Nevada

If you are looking for some hotels near Las Vegas Strip Vicinity, then will help you in finding one that is affordable yet luxurious.

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Sights of Barcelona, Spain that Shouldn’t Be Missed

By Bob Levin on August 13th, 2013

Categories: Cheap Hotels, group travel rates, Popular Cities

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid. This historically rich city sees a lot of tourists throughout the year, which is why there are a lot Barcelona cheap hotels available as well. However, these discounts are best found when you place your booking in advance as hotels fill up quite quickly, especially in the peak season.

The Main Sights of Barcelona

Museums: Barcelona is a city that has a great number of museums which focus on different eras and areas. For example, while the National Museum of Art of is well known for its collection of Romanesque art, the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art is all about the post 1945 Catalan and Spanish art.

Parks: Because Barcelona is a particularly large city, many of the people who make use of Barcelona hotel discounts can also be seen walking or jogging around in one of the sixty eight municipal parks. These parts are either vest pocket parks or large recreation areas that are particularly enjoyed by families who are visiting the city for its sights and sounds.

Beaches: Another place where you can spot quite a lot of tourists and locals is the Barcelona Beach. According to the National Geographic, this beach is number one among the top ten city beaches in the world. Apart from this main beach, the city also has seven other beaches that occupy 4.5 Km of the coastline.

Travel to Barcelona for Cheap

If you plan to head out to the city with a group or your family and don’t know where to find good rates, you can always opt for Barcelona, Spain group travel rates, which are more than reasonable. You can check these rates on So, what are you waiting for? Book a flight to Barcelona right away and see what this great historical city has to offer.

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Denver Offers A Lot By Way Of Fun

By Bob Levin on June 18th, 2013

Categories: Cheap Hotels, Popular Cities

Denver is a city of a bustling commerce and cultural metropolis that does not really have a low season because no matter when you visit there is always something going on. The mile-high city is a great winter destination and the summers are simply delightful. As good as a destination as the city is, you would think that it’s hard to find Denver Colorado cheap hotels but the truth is that its seemingly endless high season is what makes great accommodations easier to find.

A Delightful Discovery of Denver

While in Denver be sure to check out:

The Denver Zoo

This zoo is the most popular cultural attraction in Colorado and is open every day of the year. Here you’ll find more than 80 acres devoted to hundreds of animals from all over the world. Don’t forget to check out the Primate Panorama or Predator Ridge.

Museum of Nature and Science

This museum is largest natural history museum in the western United States. Here you can enjoy the IMAX Theater filled with rich documentaries as well as tons of exhibits on biology, space, dinosaurs and ancient cultures. Visitors can experience the seven stages of earth’s development in its Prehistoric Journey exhibit while the Space Odyssey planetarium simulates a trip to Mars.

Elitch Gardens

Formerly part of the Six Flags amusement park, Elitch gardens can give you the thrill of roller coasters and water parks in one great location. The family can spend days enjoying the Art Museum, Air and Space Museum, Tiny Town, Aquarium and of course the Children’s Museum.

Denver’s Peak Season

Because of the nice spring weather during summer, Denver is usually packed during April to October. This is the perfect time to visit Denver if you’re looking to fill your vacation with outdoor activities. Hotel rates don’t vary much by season and there are always a number of Denver hotel discounts to choose from. Packages are available year-round on a week-to-week basis.

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There’s Something For Everyone In Melbourne, Australia

By Bob Levin on March 19th, 2013

Categories: Cheap Hotels, Popular Cities

If you’re looking for a travel destination that offers fun for everyone, Melbourne, Australia is a great choice. Melbourne is the capital of Victoria, and it is the second most populated city in all of Australia. Despite its population, this city offers easily navigable streets to get you to your destination, and its laneways are full of some of the best dining and shopping establishments in the country. Additionally, as any local will tell you, Melbourne’s coffee is unbeatable.

Relax at Melbourne’s St. Kilda Pier

One of the most popular attractions is St. Kilda Pier. Here, you can take a walk, cycle, or rollerblade while enjoying the beautiful panoramic view of Port Philip Bay and Melbourne’s skyline. You can also spend your day fishing off the pier, or you can take a ferry ride to Williamston. At dusk, you can sit and relax while on the lookout for the fairy penguins in the break water. When you’re ready for a snack, the St. Kilda Pier Kiosk is at the end of the pier. With the many Melbourne hotel discounts available, you will be able stay long enough to see everything in this exciting city while still saving money.

While enjoying the scenery of this beautiful city, be sure to visit Eureka Tower. Designed in gold, red, blue and white to pay tribute to the rebellion that occurred during the gold rush in Victoria in 1854, the Eureka Tower is an amazing feat of architecture. The breathtaking views of the city offered from the skyscraper are phenomenal, and its observation deck 88 floors above ground offers the highest view available from a building in all of the southern hemisphere.

Watch A Melbourne Football Game

If visiting Melbourne between late March and September, make arrangements to watch an Australian Football League game. Nine teams are located in the city, and Melbourne is also home to the Melbourne Cricket Ground or MCG. The MCG is the home field for five of the city’s teams, and it seats more than 100,000 fans. A day of watching an exciting game of football at this massive venue is one you won’t soon forget. With the numerous Melbourne cheap hotels to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding lodging during your visit so that you can stay and watch a game or two.

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Munich, Germany Likes You

By Bob Levin on January 8th, 2013

Categories: Cheap Hotels, Popular Cities

You’re Liked in Munich

The city motto of Munich, Germany is “München mag dich”, which translates to ‘Munich likes you’. What better place to visit where the city’s motto is as welcoming as the people!

Munich is the capital city of the state of Bavaria. It’s also the third largest city in Germany. Located near the river Isar and the Bavarian Alps, Munich has exceptional scenery to offer its visitors.

Try Experiencing The Munich Scenery From Above

A great way to truly experience the scenery of Munich is to take a helicopter tour above the city. offers tours that will go through the alps, over lakes, through the valleys, and of course over the city. There are a variety of tours you can choose from, and you’re allowed to have up to three passengers per flight. There really isn’t a better way to start out a Munich vacation than to fly over the city you will be staying in.

If you’re having this trip on budget, you may as well take advantage of some of the free scenic areas to visit. You can check many cheap hotel deals in Munich, Germany to have extra savings. The English Garden is one of the most popular gardens to visit in Munich. This (not so English) garden contains a Greek Temple, Japanese tea house, and a Chinese pagoda. Like most places in Germany, this park will serve you up a beer that you can sip on through your walk around.

Another very popular destination in Munich is the BMW Headquarters and bowl-shaped museum. This museum allows for you to get a glimpse into the intricate makings of the well-known automobiles and motorcycles. You may even be able to acquire a bit of knowledge about the history of this famous brand!

Whether you’re viewing Munich from sky, aboard one of Germany’s finest helicopters, or you’re walking through a park drinking a pint, you will definitely be able to experience the culture and history that this city has to offer. can help you find the best best hotel deals in Munich, Germany.

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Rio de Janeiro Travel Deals: The Many Attractions of Rio de Janeiro

By Bob Levin on December 11th, 2012

Categories: Cheap Hotels, Popular Cities, Travel Deals

Things To Do In Rio De Janeiro

So you have decided to make a trip to Brazil and visit the wonderful city of Rio De Janeiro but are unsure of what exactly to do on your vacation. Worry not.  Rio De Janeiro offers a wonderful plethora of different fun and exciting activities.

One of the greatest places to explore in Rio De Janeiro is Jardim Botanico.  With over 300 acres this beautiful forest like area is home to over 6,000 different exotic species.  The beautiful gardens that boast hundreds of different types of flowers and other types of plants leave visitors in awe with the amount of tranquility.

Another awe inspiring attraction to go visit on your trip to Rio De Janeiro is going to be seeing the iconic Christ the Redeemer.  Located on top of Corcovado Mountain, this 125 foot tall statue of Jesus Christ is a must see for both religious and non religious travelers alike looking for something they have never seen before.   Built in 1921, the statue brings in visitors from far and wide to see this magnificent spectacle.

Lastly, a great place to visit in this wonderful city is going to be Grumari Beach.  With no restaurants, hotels, or shops, this beautiful stretch of land allows you to wander around Rio De Janeiro’s beachfront and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  It may be slightly out of the way, but with the beauty of this beach makes the extra trek more than worth the trip.

Rio De Janeiro offers many different attractions of all different kinds of people. With their beautiful beaches, awe inspiring statue of Christ, and a beautiful garden hosting all different kinds of animals, any tourist is bound to find something they find enjoyable.  These attractions are just a few of the wonderful things you can do on your trip to Rio De Janeiro.

Save Money With Rio De Janeiro Hotel Deals offers awesome Rio De Janeiro hotel discounts you won’t find on other reservation sites. If you’re traveling with a group, be sure to take advantage of the Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Group Travel Rates available for you.

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Santa Fe Hotel Deals: Get A Unique Cultural Experience in Santa Fe

By Bob Levin on December 5th, 2012

Categories: Cheap Hotels, Popular Cities, Travel Deals

Have a Santa Fe Cultural Experience

When Santa Fe is translated literally it means ‘Holy Faith’, and that’s an excellent representation of what this city truly is. Santa Fe, New Mexico is chock full of historical and spiritual monuments that are seen by people all over the world. This great city is a tourist attraction for many families who are interested in taking a look at history. With that being said, Santa Fe is not simply a blast from the past.

Santa Fe is the capital city of New Mexico. It is the fourth largest city in the state. Originally occupied by Pueblo Indians, Santa Fe has been a home to a very diverse crowd. Take a look at some of the fun activities that you can take part in on your ‘faithful’ journey.

The Santa Fe Opera House and New Mexico History Museum

The top rated attraction in Santa Fe is the Santa Fe Opera House. This opera house is internationally known for the innovative shows that it showcases. It’s been known to host many new show premieres along with introducing nine new shows into the Opera world.

There are also a few history related destinations that must be seen on your trip to Santa Fe. The New Mexico History Museum is a state museum where you can enjoy and learn about the history of New Mexico from the 1600′s to present. If you’re more of an art buff, then make sure to check out the Museum of International Folk Art. There are over 120,000 pieces of artwork to gander at, so be sure to set yourself enough time to explore. This unique museum is one of the highlights of Santa Fe.

If you’re feeling like taking a historical trip that will educate and excite your family make sure to check out for great Santa Fe hotel discounts. Visiting the site will also provide a list of Santa Fe cheap hotels letting you have the extra cash to explore the city and take in the surroundings.

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San Juan Hotel Deals: Enjoy the Sandy Beaches of San Juan, Puerto Rico

By Bob Levin on December 3rd, 2012

Categories: Cheap Hotels, Popular Cities, Travel Deals

San Juan Has Lots of Vacation Spots For You To Enjoy

Eloquent beaches and a prospering city San Juan, Puerto Rico really has it all. San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, and is also the most populated city. Additionally, it is a major seaport for the region. It’s the main financial, manufacturing, and tourism center of Puerto Rico.  There are plenty of San Juan cheap hotel discounts that we offer.

If you’re looking to go on a vacation that is both culturally interesting and physically relaxing San Juan is the place to go. One of the main attractions is the El Viejo San Juan. This marvelous blast from the past consists of over 400 buildings from the 16th and 17th century that have been restored for visitors.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

A couple standing on a wall at El Morro, a 16th century Spanish fort in San Juan, Puerto Rico

El Morro is another great tourist attraction that many people travel to see. This castillo was built in the 17th and 18th century. The purpose for its original construction was to defend the San Juan coastline. It towers 140 feet above the sea level, and has a total of six levels to be explored. El Morro is rated the number one tourist destination for San Juan.

Ocean Park: San Juan’s Best-Kept Secret

If you’re more interested in a tropical feel, then a beach destination may be for you. Ocean Park beach is the most populated beach in San Juan. A mixture of the warm water and soft sand will ensure that you and and your family have a great beach day to remember.

San Juan is a great place to bring the whole family. It can be both educational and relaxing. Traveling alone? Why not book in to one of San Juan cheap hotels. If you are traveling with a group, make sure to check out for some San Juan cheap hotel discounts.

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Discount Travel Tucson, Arizona – Golfing Is Just One Of The Many Reasons To Travel Here

By Bob Levin on November 6th, 2012

Categories: Cheap Hotels, Popular Cities


Discount travel can be found when in Tucson, Arizona

Arizona means you’re going to get a chance to see lots of beautiful attractions, hit the golf course, taste some sweet wine and soak up the sun. There are many places you’ll want to see while traveling out west but when it comes to Tucson here are the top spots to stop.

Catalina State Park

Famous for being the spot of the Hohokam village which happens to be the site for the Indian tribe that is known to be the oldest; Catalina State Park has many attractions for you to check out. The Hohokam tribe is now extinct so the site offers a rare glimpse into American history. It’s located off Oracle Road and is the perfect place for those wishing to take in the scenes and catch some fantastic pictures. There are many discount travel hotels near Catalina State Park in Tucson so visitors won’t have to look too far.

Sonora Desert Museum has discount travel deals to be found

If you’re looking to get a glimpse of some of nature’s more quirky critters this is the place to stop. Here you have a chance to see some of these highly adapted animals in habitats nature intended. Many tourists love to get the pictures and views of the amazing mountain ranges as well. For those looking to snag a souvenir or two, there is also the Sonora Desert gift shop. With the Tucson hotel discounts you can find at, you can even save money to add up to your shopping budget.

Check Out the Stars at Kitt Peak National Observatory

Just an hour to the southwest of Tucson, Arizona is Kitt Peak National Observatory. Here skies are clear all year long and therefore it is one of the largest observatories in the world. It’s a public attraction that gets thousands of tourists a year. You can see some of the most amazing cosmic happenings by looking up to these skies!

Can you snow ski in the desert?

Well, no, but in an hour, you can drive from the arid, sunny climate in Tucson to Mount Lemmon Ski Valley at 9,150 feet above sea level. Get more discount travel details here.

Take a Wine Tour

Just a few miles southeast of Tucson you’ll see the landscape change. In no more than an hour’s drive from Tucson you’ll be in the heart of Arizona wine country. Here you’ll be able to check out small cafes with delicious food and take wine tasting trips galore. Visit to see the list of discount travel deals for Tucson that can make your vacation more fun and exciting.



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Pittsburgh Hotel Deals – A City That Will Steal Your Heart

By Bob Levin on October 23rd, 2012

Categories: Cheap Hotels, Popular Cities, Travel Deals


Hotel Deals In Pittsburgh

Although a city known for its steel industry may not sound like the most exciting place to travel, don’t let the history of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania fool you. This historical city is a great place to travel to for baseball, scenery, and history. ESPN nominated PNC Park the best baseball stadium to visit. The reasoning for this nomination has to do with both location and park activities. The park is located near plenty of restaurants and bars that are great places to grab some pre-game fuel. Along with the easy to access parking, PNC park is an all around convenient place to watch some baseball. The activities in this park are one of the crowd’s favorite parts. Giant pierogies race around the field in between an inning. Additionally, the scoreboard shows the lyrics to the songs that are being played. This is great for crowd participation when singing well-known songs! It’s also a good idea to take in the beauty that Pittsburgh has to offer.

Pittsburgh Hotel Deals

The Phipps Conservatory is one of the top rated conservatories in the United State. Add in the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium into this day trip, and you will have hit some of the best wildlife and nature all in one day! As far as history goes, Pittsburgh has a lot of it. The Carnegie Museum of Natural History is a great place to learn about earth and life sciences. There are plenty of hands on exhibits that are sure to keep the little ones happy. To make it convenient, tourists can choose from a number of excellent hotels deals near Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The Allegheny Cemetery is also a historical location that may entice some interest. This cemetery is the resting place for such people as Stephen Foster, and General John Neville. Pittsburgh is a small city feel in a big city atmosphere. If you are interested in catching a baseball game, and getting engrossed by American history, make sure you check out for fabulous hotel deals in Pittsburgh.

Don’t forget when traveling to Pittsburgh to book great hotel deals near the airport. We created to make finding hotels deals near major neighborhoods like – Pittsburgh Airport Area – easy for consumers. Our goal is for you to quickly access the information you need. There are generally many hotel options in different neighborhoods and we can help you determine which hotel offers the rates and proximity to Pittsburgh Airport Area that you are looking for. Our website is easy to use and will help you quickly navigate to different hotel deals options near Pittsburgh Airport Area in Pittsburgh, PA.

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