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What to look for in a Pet Friendly Hotels

By Bob Levin on February 29th, 2012

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Pet friendly hotels; what you need to know

There are some things that you should look for rather than just a sign that says “Pet Friendly Hotels”. There are some things that hotels will provide to you and your pet if you are staying there and there are some things that not all hotels will offer even if they do claim to be “pet friendly hotels”.

Normally, you will find that most hotels will charge an extra amount for your pet to stay with them. This is simply because pets are unexpected and can make a mess inside the hotel room and this extra amount helps to pay for the clean-up and wear and tear. When you’re bringing your pet with you to a hotel, please remember to take this extra fee into consideration.

Pet friendly hotels that provides places to walk your dog

A hotel that provides places to walk your dog, one that includes special treats for your animal and one that can even provide your pet with room service is one that should be chosen if you are taking your pet on vacation with you. There should be plenty of receptacles for those who take their dog for a walk and need to clean up the mess afterwards. You should even be able to get a litter box if you are bringing your cat with you.

When you are bringing your pet with you on vacation, it is important for you to make sure that you call in advance and find out if there are pet friendly places for your animal and you to go while you are in the area. Some beaches don’t allow pets, so it would be important for you to find that out in advance rather than having to leave your animal in the hotel the entire time. You can search for pet friendly hotels on; we offer a wide variety of search options so that you can find the perfect pet friendly hotels for you and your pet fast!’s Best Price Guarantee

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