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Where can you find a golden ticket to travel?

By Wayne Lazarus on May 12th, 2015

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Answer: Charleston, South Carolina! One of today’s most desired travel destinations, the Holy City ranks as the #2 city in the world by Conde Naste magazine, trailing only to Florence, Italy.

As part of an upcoming promotion, and the Charleston International Film Festival will be holding a Golden Ticket Scavenger Hunt in the Charleston area. A riddle will be released on May 13 on the Charleston International Film Festival Facebook page with clues where to find the Golden Ticket around Charleston. The ticket will entitle the finder to $1,500 dollars!

But whether you find the Golden Ticket or not, you can still be a winner by saving money when you book your travel accommodations on for the 2015 Charleston International Film Festival this fall.

What better place to experience sneak previews of movies, mingle with actors and producers from Hollywood and around the world, and learn the ins and outs of the film industry, than charming and historic Charleston!

Founded and settled by English colonists in 1670, go back in time as you walk the historic cobblestone streets, ride a horse-drawn carriage, and hear the true tales of soldiers, pirates, and even ghosts. Take a day trip to the neighboring beaches, grab a bite at one of Charleston’s famed restaurants, and then head over to the Charleston Music Hall for the Opening Night Street Party of the Charleston International Film Festival onWednesday, November 4. And end the day by settling into your five-star room from

The Charleston International Film Festival will take place November 4th through 8th at the Charleston Music Hall. Make your plans today for a trip you won’t soon forget!

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Making Travel a Regular Part of Your Life

By Bob Levin on March 28th, 2012

Categories: The Travel Debunker

How do you think about travel? Do you think travel is something you perform once a year when you have enough vacation time stored up to spend two weeks in an exotic destination? Do you believe travel is something you will get to someday, but which you don’t have time for right now? Or do you believe travel is an important and integral part of your life, an activity you’ll explore and engage as frequently and as deeply as possible?
If you’re like most people you probably think about travel in one of the first two ways, a nice respite you receive once a year and something you might like to perform in a more serious matter later in life. Yet if you’re like most people there is a part of you that yearns for the third attitude towards travel mentioned above – reoccurring travel as a regular part of your life. While many people want to travel more over the course of each year, the average person just doesn’t believe it’s possible. If you are one of these people then I have good news for you – regular reoccurring travel is possible, as long as you make it a priority in your life.

There are two main reasons most people feel they’re unable to travel regularly throughout their whole life. The first is time, and the second is money.

As far as time goes, most people feel they are at the mercy of the standard two weeks of vacation time their position allots to them. While there are alternative jobs that provide greater time freedom, you can work a standard 9-5 and still travel as often as you’d like. Doing so simply requires either applying your vacation days in an unconventional manner, or negotiating a work arrangement that provides you with greater control over your time. Applying your two weeks of vacation time in smaller bursts instead of a single long stretch can easily allow for 2-3 substantial trips a year instead of one long vacation. Negotiating unique work arrangements is also increasingly possible these days. More and more workplaces are allowing their employees to perform their duties remotely, and more and more workplaces are open to an employee adjusting their schedule, such as working a couple extra weekends, in order to make room for experiences such as traveling.

Money is the second factor convincing many people they’re incapable of traveling with greater regularity. But freeing up extra money for extra trips is often as simple as re-evaluating the way you spend money. Many people find ordering half as many drinks and going out to eat half as often every week frees up enough spare cash to make a couple extra trips a year possible.

Regular travel reoccurring throughout your life is absolutely possible. All you need to do is muster a little extra courage to ask for what you want and to give yourself permission to pursue your desires.’s Best Price Guarantee:

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Two Ways to Travel, Which Will You Choose?

By Bob Levin on March 21st, 2012

Categories: The Travel Debunker

If you told the average person you were planning on traveling they would invariably formulate a very clear and precise mental image of what you were planning on doing. That’s because we all tend to define traveling in a single way. For most of us traveling means first flying or driving to a city or a remote location, and then going to all the attraction located in and around that location.

So if you told the average person you were traveling to New York City they would assume you meant you were going to stay in a hotel in mid-town Manhattan for a few days, and while you were there you would check out all the museums and tourist attractions like the Empire State Building and 5th avenue, and that you would take a bus tour or a walking tour, and might go to a few famous restaurants before heading home. This is the general idea of what we mean when we say we’re visiting New York City specifically, and what we mean when we say we’re traveling in general.

Nearly every location, whether that location is a city or a natural attraction (such as Yellowstone National Park) has its share of notable sights that are famous throughout the country, if not the world, and that are commonly known as “tourist” destinations. There’s nothing wrong with this form of traveling, but there is another way to see the world that is equally valid and which offers a different approach to visiting new locations.

The second form of traveling is simpler than the first, and essentially involves doing your best to get a feel for the way residents of that location understand the world and live their lives. Instead of visiting all of the landmarks, attractions, and famous restaurants a location has to offer, spend your time seeking out and enjoying the haunts the locals prefer to frequent. This second form of traveling is slower and less focused than the more commonly practiced form of traveling. It provides a unique way of exploring the world.

Both of these forms of travel are rewarding and enriching. The form you choose to undertake will largely depend on the amount of time you have to travel and your personal inclination.

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How to Pack For Your Upcoming Trip!

By Bob Levin on March 16th, 2012

Categories: The Travel Debunker

Traveling is always an exciting experience, but that doesn’t mean the lead-up to your trip is going to be nothing but sunshine and roses. In fact, there are plenty of people who fail to travel as often as they’d like to because they quite simply dread the process of making plans and preparing their things for their trip.  We make it easy to plan out your trip, and we’re happy to help you set all the details in place for your adventure, but we unfortunately won’t be able to help pack your bags for you! Instead, we offer this short and simple guide to making packing easy and efficient.

While there are a million and one little tricks and tips you can utilize to make better use of the luggage you bring with you, we suggest a different approach altogether. You see, there’s an alternative to perfecting your space management techniques, an alternative that will not only make getting ready for your trip easier, it will actually improve the quality of your travels automatically.

Instead of trying to figure out how to bring as much as possible, you should aim to bring as little as possible whenever you travel.

Instead of bringing 17 changes of clothes for a weekend trip out of town, consider bringing 2 changes of clothes, just enough to cover the days you will be gone. Instead of dragging around a 5-piece luggage set when you plan on traveling for a month, consider bringing a maximum of a week’s worth of clothing, and then simply do laundry on the road.  Instead of loading down your carry-on bag with toiletries, think about buying what you need when you arrive at your destination.

There’s an old saying among long-term world travelers, and that’s to pack half as many things and twice as much money! The spirit of this statement rings true even when you don’t have a lot of money to spend, and even when your travels are perhaps a little less ambitious than world travel. Rather than covering every possible contingency that might come up as you travel, simply pack for what you know you will encounter, and then improvise as you go along.’s Best Price Guarantee:

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The Internet Opens Travel Up For EVERYONE!

By Bob Levin on March 6th, 2012

Categories: The Travel Debunker

We have a lot of misconceptions about travel these days. Some people believe travel isn’t safe. Some people believe travel is difficult to plan and accomplish. And the vast majority of the population seems to believe only certain small groups of people are able to travel, and that everyone else has to stick as close to home as possible for the majority of their lives. While all of these notions are totally wrong, it’s this last misconception, the idea that only a few people will be able to travel during their lives, that is the most debilitating.

The funny thing about this misguided idea is the fact everyone has a different opinion about who makes up this lucky minority. Less wealthy people believe only rich people have the money to travel throughout their lives. Wealthy people often think only less wealthy people have the time to travel often. Young people think they’ll only be able to travel when they’re retired, and retired people often believe traveling is something only young people can take full advantage of. Everyone you talk to will have a different idea about what type of person should travel, and most people you talk to don’t believe they belong to a privileged and travel-worthy group.

The truth of the matter is ANYONE who wants to travel can do so. Whether you’re old or young, rich or poor, the main barrier preventing you from traveling is your own belief that regular travel is something for other people and not yourself. The rise of the Internet and websites like ours has made traveling not only incredibly simple, easy and convenient to plan, it’s also made every aspect of traveling, from your transportation to your lodging, considerably less expensive than it was just a decade or two ago.

It may be difficult to give yourself permission to start traveling now, but as soon as you get home from your first trip you will immediately start planning your next!

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What to look for in a Pet Friendly Hotels

By Bob Levin on February 29th, 2012

Categories: Cheap Hotels, Pet Travel, The Travel Debunker

Pet friendly hotels; what you need to know

There are some things that you should look for rather than just a sign that says “Pet Friendly Hotels”. There are some things that hotels will provide to you and your pet if you are staying there and there are some things that not all hotels will offer even if they do claim to be “pet friendly hotels”.

Normally, you will find that most hotels will charge an extra amount for your pet to stay with them. This is simply because pets are unexpected and can make a mess inside the hotel room and this extra amount helps to pay for the clean-up and wear and tear. When you’re bringing your pet with you to a hotel, please remember to take this extra fee into consideration.

Pet friendly hotels that provides places to walk your dog

A hotel that provides places to walk your dog, one that includes special treats for your animal and one that can even provide your pet with room service is one that should be chosen if you are taking your pet on vacation with you. There should be plenty of receptacles for those who take their dog for a walk and need to clean up the mess afterwards. You should even be able to get a litter box if you are bringing your cat with you.

When you are bringing your pet with you on vacation, it is important for you to make sure that you call in advance and find out if there are pet friendly places for your animal and you to go while you are in the area. Some beaches don’t allow pets, so it would be important for you to find that out in advance rather than having to leave your animal in the hotel the entire time. You can search for pet friendly hotels on; we offer a wide variety of search options so that you can find the perfect pet friendly hotels for you and your pet fast!’s Best Price Guarantee

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Family Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

By Bob Levin on February 15th, 2012

Categories: The Travel Debunker

You don’t have to be 21 to enjoy all that Las Vegas has to offer and Las Vegas isn’t only about gambling and drinking. There are thousands of shows and activities that you can do with your family, even if you have children. With the Las Vegas Strip containing everything you family needs to have a memorable trip, you can find a great hotel that offers family friendly activities and amenities! Bowling, arcades, M&M World, kid’s shows and so much more are waiting for your kids in Las Vegas!

The Mandalay Bay Resort And Casino offers an 11-acre sand-and-surf beach with a large wave pool. Its tropical surroundings feature the Lazy River Ride/ a variety of pools/ and a jogging track for recreation and relaxation. The property has a 12000-seat sports and entertainment complex that attracts top-name stars. The House of Blues live-music venue and restaurant is located just off the casino floor. The hotel also features the production show Mamma Mia in a state-of-the-art 1700-seat showroom.

Bellagio Hotel And Casino Nearby, a botanical conservatory is home to exotic plants and flowers. Other features of Bellagio include the gourmet dining establishments such as New York’s Le Cirque, Aqua and Picasso. Via Bellagio, an elegant shopping promenade, features boutiques and a host of famous designers. The internationally acclaimed performance troupe, “Cirque du Soleil,” is showcased on and above water in the production show, “O.” Bellagio meets every need and fulfills every desire.

Circus Circus Hotel and Casino is known for its reasonably priced rooms. There are many free and inexpensive activities to do with your children and your family. Free circus acts, the Adventuredome and a wide variety of family friendly food selections make this a great place to go. Circus Circus is a little older than most of the newer hotels and should be updated soon but hasn’t yet, but this helps keep the cost down so that you can spend more money on fun rather than sleeping!

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Budget Friendly Destinations for a Family Vacation

By Bob Levin on February 2nd, 2012

Categories: The Travel Debunker

In order to enjoy a vacation with your family, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars visiting amusement parks and other expensive locations. When you want to go on vacation, but you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend, there are several places and things you can do to relax, unwind and have a wonderful family trip filled with fun and memories.

You don’t even have to fly anywhere in order to find a getaway! Going to the beach in your own state can help you to relax, get room service, get a change from your usual schedule and enjoy a vacation with your family. You can find hotel deals much more easily when you choose to have your getaway during the week or during a weekend that is not normally busy.

There are many budget friendly destinations for a family vacation around the US.

Always wanted to go to Hawaii?

We  all know that Maui can be really expensive, but there are other places in Hawaii that you can visit. One of the most budget friendly places to go in Hawaii is Ka’anapali Beach! Some hotels in this area offer deals for kids and have several family friendly activities that won’t break your budget but will give you a smile and memories for a lifetime!


Don’t have the cash for a Disney Dream Vacation?

There are several hotels surrounding Disneyland and Disney World, you don’t have to stay inside the park or at the major Disney hotels in order to have a great time. Some of the hotels surrounding Disneyland and Disney World will provide you with an inexpensive room and a quick ride or walk to the park. This way you can save the money on the hotel and spend it on souvenirs and other fun stuff for your kids!

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10 Best Places to Travel in a Recession

By Bob Levin on July 26th, 2011

Categories: The Travel Debunker

As a matter of fact, recession has put everyone in a constrained position with limited money available to afford the luxury of traveling. During a stressful time of recession, one would say it is the perfect time to take a vacation and be away from where you are to feel refreshed and stress free, but then reality hits us with the cost associated with traveling. However, there are some places which make it possible for us to travel even with limited financial freedom. The top 3 places to visit are:

1. INDIA: With an average flight cost of $880, average hotel price of $100 and average daily spending of as low as $12 a day makes India a viable travel option. A weeklong stay in India would cost an average of approximately $1700 per person. At such comparatively low prices who wouldn’t want to avail the opportunity of visiting a culturally-rich country with breath-taking historical and religious sites. Moreover, the location is perfect for any individual who wants to taste the spicy Indian food that tantalizes the taste buds.

2.  AUSTRALIA: With the financial crisis that invaded the entire world, dollar gained the advantage of having many foreigners flocking to the U.S currency which consequentially made some of the pricey dream vacation destinations comparatively cheaper; Australia being one of them. There has been a drop of approximately 28% in the Australian currency making traveling less expensive than before for individuals who dreamed of going to Australia. The round-trip ticket costs an average of $1400 which compared to other locations is rather expensive but Australia lovers or individuals dreaming of visiting Australia should avail the opportunity of traveling at less expensive rates.

3. ICELAND: Before the recession hit the world, Iceland was one of the most expensive places to visit in Europe. However, now that the currency has gone down 51% since the recession, Iceland has become affordable and one of the most popular vacation destination. A round-trip ticket costs starts from as low as $500, initially which was above $1000, and high-end hotels can now be rented for $60. Iceland provides tourists with all kinds of activities starting from skiing to horse-riding for adventure-loving travelers to high end bars and clubs for night-life loving tourists.

Other places to visit even during the time of recession are:

4. MALAYSIA: The average cost of 7-day stay at Malaysia is $2,217 with average flight cost of $1000, average hotel prices of $145 and cost per day of approximately $150.

5. THAILAND: A weeklong trip to one of the friendliest countries in the world would cost an average of $2208. With an average flight expense of $1270, hotel prices of $112 and everyday mid-range budget cost of $134, Thailand is among the most attractive travel destinations.

6. EGYPT: To visit some of the most attractive places in Egypt such as Dahab, it only costs and average of $1250 for a 7 day trip. Average flight cost is $600, average hotel price is $75 and average cost per day is less than $100 dollars.

The other options and their average daily cost for food and accommodation are:

7. PERU – $25

8. ECUADOR – $34

9. PORTUGAL – $44

10. HUNGARY - $70

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Should I Buy Travel Insurance?

By Bob Levin on July 19th, 2011

Categories: The Travel Debunker

When on vacation nobody should have to worry about the consequences or the cost of something going on. It is an understood fact that individuals are more prone to uncertain and unpredictable situations when they are in a foreign country. Travelling is not a fun experience if you are weighted down by the worry of the possibility of danger or the cost incurred due to some unexpected incident. The stress of being in an anxiety-stricken situation is enough when encountered with ill-fate let alone being further hassled with the thought of the cost that is associated.

Basic travel insurance covers the following expenses which could be incurred during travel:

  • Cancellation cost: the expense incurred when cancelling a flight, but with valid reason, is almost or completely covered.
  • Missed flight expense: in situations when a flight is accidentally missed, the expense of re-scheduling or the fine of missing the flight is covered.
  • Loss of baggage or personal belongings: usually, the biggest worry is the loss of baggage or personal belongings such as money or credit cards. If such incident takes place, the travel insurance recovers what is lost or at least covers some amount of the lost wealth or belongings.

Basic travel insurance covers the following emergency medical expenses:

  • Emergency medical treatment expense: it is the coverage of cost associated with getting medical treatment, the amount of which is usually limited.
  • Emergency medical assistance expense: the cost incurred when receiving medical assistance in emergency situation.
  • Personal accident expenses: if involved in an accident which leads to possible death or disability, a small proportion of insurance is received in that case. Limited amount of disability assistance expense is covered as well.
  • Hospital benefits: if in any case, there is a requirement to check into a hospital and receive medical benefits, the cost of staying for example is covered.
  • Medical flight: a proportion of cost associated with transportation in case of medical emergency, be it local or international, is usually covered.

Some other costs such as legal expenses are also covered by travel insurance. There are various travel insurance packages to select from. It is essential to research on the different options and policies regarding travel insurance. Different travel insurances cover different amounts of cost and medical or travel expenses. Some might not cover medical flight costs or might just offer to recover 25% of the lost belongings. Various travel insurances target specific kind of people, group of people or travel situation and provide expense coverage in accordance to their specific need. Most common types are business travel insurance, family travel insurance, cruise travel insurance, single trip travel insurance, and worldwide travel insurance. Most companies have now started to include travel insurance for their employees to take advantage of while travelling. Despite the fact that mostly travel insurances are preferred or considered by adventurous or frequent travelers, but individuals and families should also realize the benefits of travel insurance to enhance travelling experience.

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