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Cheap Hotels In Calgary – A Great Sporting And Fishing City

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By Wayne Lazarus on October 16th, 2012

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Calgary Cheap Hotels

Calgary Cheap Hotels – A Great Sporting City

Cheap hotels can be found in Calgary, which is located in the southern province of Alberta, Canada. This populated city happens to be the largest city in Alberta, and the fifth largest city in Canada. Calgary is wide known for their sports, parks, and vast meadows that will leave you breathless. Here are a few of the main attractions that Calgary has to offer. has a great selection of Calgary cheap hotels.

Spruce Meadows is rated the number one tourist attraction in Calgary. This Equestrian center has trails, sporting complexes, and horseback riding stables. It’s home to many world-renowned events such as the International Christmas Market and Plenty of horseback riding tournaments. Whatever time of the year you come to visit, Spruce Meadows will have something entertaining.

It’s no secret that Canada likes their hockey. Going to a hockey game in Canada is the equivalent of a baseball game in the states. It’s a fantastic way to get a sense of the area’s cultural feel. The Calgary Flames is a professional hockey team that possesses a huge fan base. Take some time to travel over to the Scotiabank Saddledome to get caught up in the excitement of Canadian hockey.

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Provincial Park – Calgary Cheap Hotels

Calgary also has plenty of outdoors activities that they boast about. There are countless parks that are worth going to. One of the most visited would have to be the Fish Creek Provincial Park. This park is one of the largest urban wildernesses in the world! It’s 54 miles long, and you can partake in such activities as hiking, running, biking, and camping. The city has a lot of hotels near Fish Creek Provincial Park so visitors won’t have any problems looking for a place to stay.

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The welcoming ambiance of Calgary will make you feel at home, and the countless activities will keep you busy. Hope you enjoy the parks and sporting  in Calgary, see how others are picketing in other cities as well.  To make your visit more worthwhile, take advantage of the Calgary hotel discounts has to offer.

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