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Delight In A Harbor Cruise Of Hamburg, Germany

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By Bob Levin on March 26th, 2013

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Harbor Cruises are One of Hamburg’s Highlights

Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city and its busy port is responsible for much of this city’s wealth. While an affluent city, plenty of Hamburg hotel discounts are available so that you can take advantage of all the delights that this city has to offer. Harbor cruises are one of the most popular attractions. A harbor cruise around this port, one of Europe’s busiest, offers an astounding view and insight into this amazing operation. While a transportation hub may seem an unlikely venue for a tourist attraction, cruises on the Elbe river around the harbor and port are one of the highlights offered by this large, affluent city.

The vast size of the port, founded in 1189, is breathtaking. As the cruise slowly circles around the nearly mile wide shipping terminal for containers, the enormity of this operation is evident. You’ll see giant cranes on the industrial island load shipping containers onto a sea of massive ships, while containers piled up by the thousands await loading. While not a natural wonder of the world, Hamburg’s port is still an amazement not to be missed.

Harbor Cruises are One of Hamburg’s Highlights

Another sight on the cruise that is not to be missed is the Speicherstadt. Originally built to be used as warehouses for the toll free section of Hamburg’s port, the buildings are designed of brick and sit on islands in the canal. Now, in addition to storing goods from all over the world, the Speicherstadt is used for office space, and there are numerous cafes and museums housed there as well.

In addition to the port operations and the Speicherstadt, the harbor cruise offers numerous other sights, including several floating, dry docks. The shipyards are another interesting feature of the cruise and you may even get a glimpse of the various yachts owned by millionaires that are docked there. You may even see workers in the shipyard building or repairing one of the many ships.

When finished with your cruise, there is still plenty more to see in Hamburg. Among the tourist attractions to visit are museum ships as well as something one does not see every day – a floating church boat. Additionally, there are theaters, bars and restaurants throughout the wharf area and the city. There are also plenty of Hamburg cheap hotels to stay in while you enjoy this interesting city.

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