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Discount Travel Tucson, Arizona – Golfing Is Just One Of The Many Reasons To Travel Here

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By Bob Levin on November 6th, 2012

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Discount travel can be found when in Tucson, Arizona

Arizona means you’re going to get a chance to see lots of beautiful attractions, hit the golf course, taste some sweet wine and soak up the sun. There are many places you’ll want to see while traveling out west but when it comes to Tucson here are the top spots to stop.

Catalina State Park

Famous for being the spot of the Hohokam village which happens to be the site for the Indian tribe that is known to be the oldest; Catalina State Park has many attractions for you to check out. The Hohokam tribe is now extinct so the site offers a rare glimpse into American history. It’s located off Oracle Road and is the perfect place for those wishing to take in the scenes and catch some fantastic pictures. There are many discount travel hotels near Catalina State Park in Tucson so visitors won’t have to look too far.

Sonora Desert Museum has discount travel deals to be found

If you’re looking to get a glimpse of some of nature’s more quirky critters this is the place to stop. Here you have a chance to see some of these highly adapted animals in habitats nature intended. Many tourists love to get the pictures and views of the amazing mountain ranges as well. For those looking to snag a souvenir or two, there is also the Sonora Desert gift shop. With the Tucson hotel discounts you can find at, you can even save money to add up to your shopping budget.

Check Out the Stars at Kitt Peak National Observatory

Just an hour to the southwest of Tucson, Arizona is Kitt Peak National Observatory. Here skies are clear all year long and therefore it is one of the largest observatories in the world. It’s a public attraction that gets thousands of tourists a year. You can see some of the most amazing cosmic happenings by looking up to these skies!

Can you snow ski in the desert?

Well, no, but in an hour, you can drive from the arid, sunny climate in Tucson to Mount Lemmon Ski Valley at 9,150 feet above sea level. Get more discount travel details here.

Take a Wine Tour

Just a few miles southeast of Tucson you’ll see the landscape change. In no more than an hour’s drive from Tucson you’ll be in the heart of Arizona wine country. Here you’ll be able to check out small cafes with delicious food and take wine tasting trips galore. Visit to see the list of discount travel deals for Tucson that can make your vacation more fun and exciting.



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