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Exciting Things to do in Austin, Texas

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By Bob Levin on September 17th, 2013

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Austin, Texas is slowly becoming one of the busiest tourist attractions in the United States. People all over the world, as well as people for the U.S. head to the Live Music Capital of the World every now and then. Now even though there is a lot to do in Austin, some things are just not to be missed. With many available Austin hotel discounts, you can save on your trip and explore numerous places. If you’re going to have an Austin experience for the first time, here are three things you should definitely try.

Visiting the Austin Zoo and Sanctuary

If you adore animals and have a few pets of your own, bring them along to the Austin Zoo and Animal Sanctuary. Especially developed to help animals, the zoo boasts a beautiful hill country setting which animals rescued from dire situations are brought to. Visitors usually get close to the animals and some even get a chance to feed a couple of llamas, goats and deer. If you have kids with you, you can let them listen to wonderful stories read in the peacock barn. Moreover, children can also help the zoo caretakers make a few toys for the animals so that the animals stay amused and active while the little ones learn more about them.

Seeing the Bat Colony in Austin

Visit the largest bat colony of the United States. Each year, bats migrate from Mexico to Austin and call it home away from home. Because these bats first start arriving in March, the summer is the best time to see them. So, if you have never seen a bat take flight, be sure to go to Austin to witness this rather spectacular phenomenon.

Experiencing the Austin Music Scene and Nightlife

Sixth Street may just seem to be another peculiar Austin street but it is described as the city’s one stop resource for urban entertainment. Home to bars, dance clubs, restaurants, and concert venues, this is where local coeds and visitors come to experience the city’s thriving music scene and nightlife. People who don’t want to miss out on the fun can book in one of the hotels near Sixth Street in Austin. If you want to save time and money, the most important Austin travel tip is to compare prices before booking a hotel room. Check out for Austin cheap hotels and any discounts that make your trip affordable.

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