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Experience the Natural Beauty of Barbados

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By Bob Levin on August 22nd, 2012

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Get away from the stress of your daily life and experience the beautiful sand beaches of Barbados. As far as tropical destinations go, Barbados really has it all. There are plenty of caves, nature, and beaches to explore, and it can be a great trip for the entire family!

One of the best things to experience in Barbados is the wonderful nature that it has to offer. This can be experienced on your own, or you can take a nice trip to the Welchman Hall Gully. Welchman Hall Gully is a great place where you can hike and see plants of all different kinds. The gully can give you a good idea of what the island may have been like hundreds of years ago. There are an immense amount of tropical plants, along with authentic forest to each side.

Once you’ve explored all you can above the ground take a dip with one of the island’s submarines. Atlantis submarines give you an interesting view into what the underworld of Barbados looks like. This is a great way to see the fish without getting wet or swallowing salt water. However, if jumping in for a swim is not something you are afraid of then taking a snorkel in the ocean may be the thing for you. Nearly all of Barbados’ beaches offer snorkeling and jet ski rides.

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