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Famous Nightlife Destination – Miami

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By Bob Levin on May 21st, 2012

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Ask anyone to name a stunning place with beautiful beaches, exciting nightlife, and hypnotic parties and I bet the answer will be “Miami”. Known to be a crowd puller for almost a decade, Miami is “THE place” to party the night away. If you like the idea of a drink or two and the all-night party atmosphere of Miami then pack your things and get planned. For non-locals, fill in the ESTA Visa Application early and get your travelers ESTA US Visa before you book your flight.

The Famous Nightlife

For those who want to grab a bite before heading out to party, an ideal choice would be the restaurant chain, Pollo Tropical, which reflects the diversified cultural cuisine styles of Caribbean, Latin America, Cuba, and America.
People, who love to party with the rich and famous, should try visiting multi-level clubs featuring a range of dance floors, rooms, bars, and VIP areas. These places offer exciting entertainment, futuristic-themed lounges, and a long bar serving drinks with panache, making them favorite spots for models and celebrities.

If you like to lunch while basking under the sun, try one of the many open-air eateries that transform from an upscale restaurant in the day to a ravishing dance club at night. Clubs like these are usually located under the sun and on the sand. So, you can feel the ocean’s breeze and go in for a dive whenever your heart desires.

For the night owls, Miami’s nightclubs are the final destination. These places crawl with beautiful people who like to party hard at night. Miami really becomes alive at after dark with the hottest DJs, vast spaces, lavish designs, and fantastic music, with amazing sound quality.

And for those who love music, visit the legendary venues exquisitely designed for live-concerts and top-notch DJ performances. These places are custom-designed to suit the new millennia and match the requirements of music loving partiers. And they make some of the best cocktails in the world to boot!.   The exclusive VIP booths and tables which can be booked in advance, the huge dance floors, the amazing sound quality and the electrifying atmosphere all combine to make a night out in Miami unforgettable!

Although the party atmosphere is great, Miami also caters for families. There are ample options for a family holiday such as, attending the road shows of Broadway musicals, musical concerts by national and international orchestras, family-oriented beach clubs, Miami City Ballet, Miami Beach theater, Science Museums, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tropical parks and much more.

Sea-loving people will love it in Miami with its numerous marinas, rivers, bays, and canals. But making Miami the most popular place are the outdoor activities like scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling, etc. Miami’s tourism popularity is due to its versatility in providing a perfect family vacation for ESTA US Visa travelers, locals, and international visitors from different parts of the world.

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