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Fun and Interesting Facts about Tokyo

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By Bob Levin on September 24th, 2013

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Tokyo is one of the most interesting cities in the world with its rich culture, interesting architecture and much more. A bustling metropolis of 13 million people, the city has its own signature skyline and yet it still has a number of ancient temple and shrines in the middle of it. We recommend that you check out the amazing Tokyo hotel deals at if you’re traveling during peak travel seasons.

Facts about Tokyo

It is Very Fashion Forward: HaraJuku, which is known as the fashion capital of the world, is particularly famous for its distinctive street fashion. For a view of the latest teenage fashion culture, head over the city on Sunday and you’ll be greeted by a variety of teenagers dressed as cosplayers, punks and Goths.

You’ll Find Healthy and Cheap Food Everywhere: One of the greatest things about Tokyo is that you’ll be able to find delicious and cheap food everywhere. Don’t feel like spending a lot on expensive restaurant items? Head down to the nearest local joint and you’ll find lots of quality food such as sushi, snacks and sandwiches.

You’ll Find a Lot of People on their Mobile Phones: Yes, the whole world is busy with their mobile devices and gadgets, but Japan is a country whose people are never without their cellular phones. As you step out of the airport and into Tokyo, look around and count how many people are chatting or typing away. Moreover, if you love accessorizing your phone, then this is the place for you to find accessories and inspiration on how to use them.

When and Where to Visit Tokyo

You can enjoy Tokyo the whole year round. While autumn offers pleasant and slightly cool days, it’s during spring time that Cherry blossoms make the city sight extra special with their whites and pink foliage. Be sure to check out for Tokyo hotel discounts.

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