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Intriguing Attractions In Xian, China

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By Bob Levin on March 12th, 2013

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Xian, China is a city rich in history in culture. It was the capital city throughout many of China’s dynasties, including the Zhou, Han, and Tang. Its name translates to “peace in the west”, and its historical name, Chang An, means “perpetual peace”. With many Xian hotel discounts, you can afford to spend several days in this city, soaking up its culture. Many of the attractions to be found in this marvelous city are one of a kind.

Xian’s Unhidden Secret: The Army of Terra Cotta Warriors

When in Xian, China, a visit to see the Army of Terra Cotta Warriors is a must. These magnificent terra cotta sculptures were discovered by a well-digging farmer in 1974. There are three excavation pits to view, with the first being the largest. In addition, there is an exhibit of horses and chariots as well. The excavation site can be reached by bus or taxi, and is within close distance of many of Xian cheap hotels.

The Huaqing Hot Spring offers beautiful scenery, perfect for a relaxing break from shopping and other activities. The highlight of the hot spring is its history, including a romantic story about Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang dynasty and his concubine. This beautiful garden setting offers beauty and history in a peaceful setting.

Xian’s Muslim Quarters and Great Mosque

For a combination of shopping as well as a fascinating look at everyday life in Xian, visit the Muslim Quarters and the Great Mosque. While some of the lettering and décor are Arabic, the majority of this unique Mosque is of Chinese architecture. The vendors have stalls offering a wide array of items for sale, including many one-of-a-kind items. The walkways and streets are teeming with life, offering an interesting view of culture and history combined in this beautiful and historically rich city.

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