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Making Travel a Regular Part of Your Life

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By Bob Levin on March 28th, 2012

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How do you think about travel? Do you think travel is something you perform once a year when you have enough vacation time stored up to spend two weeks in an exotic destination? Do you believe travel is something you will get to someday, but which you don’t have time for right now? Or do you believe travel is an important and integral part of your life, an activity you’ll explore and engage as frequently and as deeply as possible?
If you’re like most people you probably think about travel in one of the first two ways, a nice respite you receive once a year and something you might like to perform in a more serious matter later in life. Yet if you’re like most people there is a part of you that yearns for the third attitude towards travel mentioned above – reoccurring travel as a regular part of your life. While many people want to travel more over the course of each year, the average person just doesn’t believe it’s possible. If you are one of these people then I have good news for you – regular reoccurring travel is possible, as long as you make it a priority in your life.

There are two main reasons most people feel they’re unable to travel regularly throughout their whole life. The first is time, and the second is money.

As far as time goes, most people feel they are at the mercy of the standard two weeks of vacation time their position allots to them. While there are alternative jobs that provide greater time freedom, you can work a standard 9-5 and still travel as often as you’d like. Doing so simply requires either applying your vacation days in an unconventional manner, or negotiating a work arrangement that provides you with greater control over your time. Applying your two weeks of vacation time in smaller bursts instead of a single long stretch can easily allow for 2-3 substantial trips a year instead of one long vacation. Negotiating unique work arrangements is also increasingly possible these days. More and more workplaces are allowing their employees to perform their duties remotely, and more and more workplaces are open to an employee adjusting their schedule, such as working a couple extra weekends, in order to make room for experiences such as traveling.

Money is the second factor convincing many people they’re incapable of traveling with greater regularity. But freeing up extra money for extra trips is often as simple as re-evaluating the way you spend money. Many people find ordering half as many drinks and going out to eat half as often every week frees up enough spare cash to make a couple extra trips a year possible.

Regular travel reoccurring throughout your life is absolutely possible. All you need to do is muster a little extra courage to ask for what you want and to give yourself permission to pursue your desires.’s Best Price Guarantee:

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