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Mexico City’s Captivating Castles and Palaces

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By Bob Levin on November 19th, 2013

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Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and home to some really cool places that remind tourists of ancient civilizations. So if you’re venturing to Mexico City, be sure to check out the exotic sites that this enchanting city offers. However, make sure to book a room in one of the Mexico City cheap hotels so that you can enjoy your stay.

See Mexico City’s Rich History Through These Places

Two sites stand out among the many attractions New Mexico has to offer: a castle and a palace.

Chapultepec Castle

The Chapultepec Castle is an 18th-century palace that is famous for its beautiful gardens. Previously the home of the Mexican President (till 1939), it now houses the impressive Museo Nacional de Historia. If you go to Mexico City, you have to visit this castle; there is a lot of mesmerizing history in the place. You get a breathtaking view of reforma from the castle’s highest balcony. A wonderful park, museums, lakes, food, shopping – the castle rolls all these into one place.

National Palace

The National Palace, or ‘Palacio Nacional’, is a historic building that was once the home of legendary Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés. In case you don’t know, Cortés was the man who led the expedition to defeat and conquer the great Aztec Empire. The palace has a brilliant panoramic fresco depicting Mexican history by Diego Rivera. Located in the heart of Mexico City near Templo Mayor and the Metropolitan Cathedral, National Palace is a very happening place so there are many other activities that you can do when you visit the palace. Don’t forget to look for the many Mexico City hotel deals available. You can have fun in Mexico without emptying your pocket.

Book the Best Affordable Hotels in Mexico City

Mexico is enjoyable all throughout the year, but October to May is the best time to visit. It could be hot and humid during the May to September period especially in the south. On the other hand, inland temperatures can be freezing from December to February. Go to now and find amazing Mexico City hotel discounts. Mexico City has a lot to offer tourists and so do we!

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