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Ontario, Canada-Where Big City Fun Meets the Great Outdoors

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By Bob Levin on November 20th, 2012

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Visiting Ontario, Canada gives you a chance to take care of any cultural events like touring museums, checking out the arts or seeing fantastic plays. It also gives you the chance to give into your wild side and take part in outdoor events that are unique and life changing. Take the public wolf howling for example. So much fun await for those who visit this place and offers great Ontorio hotel deals that can make your stay even sweeter.

Algonquin Park Wolf Howling

Every Thursday night prior to Labor Day (August and September) while the weather is still good and the wolves are agreeable it’s possible to come out and hear the throaty call of the wild. The travelers who have had a chance to hear these magnificent animals all agree there is not other sound that embodies nature quite like their voice lifted to the stars. Contact the park to inquire if there will be a howl Thursday evening.

Kensington Market

Many travelers love the St. Jacob Farmer’s Market which takes place every Saturday throughout the year. At this market you feel as though you’ve stepped back in time, getting offerings from the Amish and haggling over prices. The Kensington gives an entirely different feel. Walk among unique cafes, shops offering vintage clothing, gourmet restaurants and a host of other cultural storefronts. Toronto is a culturally rich center and this market can illustrate just a sampling of what the city can offer. There are a lot of hotels near Kensington Market in North York where you can stay in while enjoying all these experiences.

Niagara Falls

While there is certainly no bad time to visit Niagara Falls many will tell you there is nothing quite like the falls in winter. You can catch a mist covering the falls and a layer of fresh snow setting off the streetlights dripping with ice. Bits of frozen areas and water rushing through make for an attraction like nothing you’ve seen. There is a reason that Niagara Falls is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Make the most out of your vacation budget by taking advantage of the Niagara Falls hotel discounts found in

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