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Relax At The Beautiful Yu Yuan Garden Of Shanghai, China

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By Bob Levin on March 5th, 2013

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When having a tour of Shanghai, you must take time to visit the amazing Yu Yuan Garden. This famous garden, located near the Wall in the northern part of Shanghai, offers breathtaking beauty that makes for a relaxing break from the shopping and sights of the city. With the many Shanghai, China hotel deals available, you could spend a full day at this beautiful garden, rest up, and then visit more of the city the next day.

A Short History of Shanghai’s Yu Yuan Garden

Yu Yuan Garden was built in the late 17th century, at the time of the Ming dynasty, and it was designed similarly to the imperial gardens of the royal families, but it was built by a Chinese official. The official’s parents longed to see an imperial garden, but their age made them too frail for the long trip. Their devoted son created the garden for them, and named it Yu Yuan, meaning health and calm.

After the death of its designer, the garden was left untended and became severely overgrown. Although a few attempts were made over the years to restore its beauty, it wasn’t until the mid 1950s that a full restoration was completed. This restoration project also included a part of the neighborhood, also from the Ming dynasty, that housed the garden. Yu Yuan Garden was declared a national monument in 1982, and visitors have been delighting in its beauty ever since.

Yu Yuan Garden: A Must-See Travel Stop In Shanghai

The Yu Yuan Garden is just over six acres in size. Its architecture includes all of the essential elements of a traditional garden building in China, and it is, of course, modeled after the traditional imperial gardens. Each detail of the garden, from the halls and artificial ponds to the layout of the trees, flowers, and vegetation, has been carefully planned to create a stunning view. When staying at one of the Shanghai cheap hotels and either taking a break from the nearby shopping and dining establishments, or making a day of the loveliness and relaxation offered by the Yu Yuan Garden, this is one attraction of Shanghai that you must visit.

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