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Rio de Janeiro Travel Deals: The Many Attractions of Rio de Janeiro

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By Bob Levin on December 11th, 2012

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Things To Do In Rio De Janeiro

So you have decided to make a trip to Brazil and visit the wonderful city of Rio De Janeiro but are unsure of what exactly to do on your vacation. Worry not.  Rio De Janeiro offers a wonderful plethora of different fun and exciting activities.

One of the greatest places to explore in Rio De Janeiro is Jardim Botanico.  With over 300 acres this beautiful forest like area is home to over 6,000 different exotic species.  The beautiful gardens that boast hundreds of different types of flowers and other types of plants leave visitors in awe with the amount of tranquility.

Another awe inspiring attraction to go visit on your trip to Rio De Janeiro is going to be seeing the iconic Christ the Redeemer.  Located on top of Corcovado Mountain, this 125 foot tall statue of Jesus Christ is a must see for both religious and non religious travelers alike looking for something they have never seen before.   Built in 1921, the statue brings in visitors from far and wide to see this magnificent spectacle.

Lastly, a great place to visit in this wonderful city is going to be Grumari Beach.  With no restaurants, hotels, or shops, this beautiful stretch of land allows you to wander around Rio De Janeiro’s beachfront and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  It may be slightly out of the way, but with the beauty of this beach makes the extra trek more than worth the trip.

Rio De Janeiro offers many different attractions of all different kinds of people. With their beautiful beaches, awe inspiring statue of Christ, and a beautiful garden hosting all different kinds of animals, any tourist is bound to find something they find enjoyable.  These attractions are just a few of the wonderful things you can do on your trip to Rio De Janeiro.

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