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Sights of Barcelona, Spain that Shouldn’t Be Missed

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By Bob Levin on August 13th, 2013

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Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, is the second largest city in Spain after Madrid. This historically rich city sees a lot of tourists throughout the year, which is why there are a lot Barcelona cheap hotels available as well. However, these discounts are best found when you place your booking in advance as hotels fill up quite quickly, especially in the peak season.

The Main Sights of Barcelona

Museums: Barcelona is a city that has a great number of museums which focus on different eras and areas. For example, while the National Museum of Art of is well known for its collection of Romanesque art, the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art is all about the post 1945 Catalan and Spanish art.

Parks: Because Barcelona is a particularly large city, many of the people who make use of Barcelona hotel discounts can also be seen walking or jogging around in one of the sixty eight municipal parks. These parts are either vest pocket parks or large recreation areas that are particularly enjoyed by families who are visiting the city for its sights and sounds.

Beaches: Another place where you can spot quite a lot of tourists and locals is the Barcelona Beach. According to the National Geographic, this beach is number one among the top ten city beaches in the world. Apart from this main beach, the city also has seven other beaches that occupy 4.5 Km of the coastline.

Travel to Barcelona for Cheap

If you plan to head out to the city with a group or your family and don’t know where to find good rates, you can always opt for Barcelona, Spain group travel rates, which are more than reasonable. You can check these rates on So, what are you waiting for? Book a flight to Barcelona right away and see what this great historical city has to offer.

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