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Sights You Must See In Morocco

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By Bob Levin on May 28th, 2013

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Morocco, an Islamic country, is one of the few kingdoms left in the world. At times it can be a little shocking to realize that you are traveling in a country where the king really is an unelected all-powerful ruler for life.

Morocco Group Travel Discounts

If you are planning a trip and have found some fabulous Morocco group travel discounts, then there are a few sights you won’t want to skip when you are in the area. The region is full of friendly people, amazing food and gorgeous scenery. Consider the following spots that are ‘must sees.’ When planning a trip make sure to put these on your itinerary.


This spot is also known as the Imperial City and it features Jamaa el Fna. It is located at the base of Atlas Mountains. In the heart of the city is a wonderful market square that you’ll want to make sure to see. Here they will be tons of entertainers and traders for you to visit. In addition, you’ll see many snake charmers, dancers, magicians and story tellers. The square is full of amazing and delicious foods as well as a wonderful night life.

Merzouga Sand Dunes

Make the most of your Morocco hotel deals by seeing the fabulous Merzouga sand dunes. These spectacular natural wonders are memorable, relaxing and simply breath-taking to behold. The sunrise here is exceptional and when it hits the sand dunes the colors are unforgettable and amazing. Those who have seen the sunrise here talk about it for years. Don’t forget to pack a snack and your camera.


When you use Morocco travel rates, you really want to check out one of the oldest cities in the country. Recognized with the World Heritage site, Fes is a vibrant and culturally rich city. Fes el-Bali is an fantastic city that illustrates how amazingly maze-like the city streets are. Treat yourself to a guide so you can get a real feel for what the city has to offer. You’ll find the streets busy with city life, fantastic food and historical monuments.

Relax or Have An Adventure in Morocco

A Morocco vacation is perfect for those who want to combine relaxation in exotic luxury with adventurous excursion programs. Traveling to this country is fairly inexpensive. It houses modern facilities while maintaining the charm of the Moroccan city with its mystic, warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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