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The Forbidden City Is One of the Top Destinations in Beijing, China

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By Bob Levin on November 27th, 2012

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The capital of China, Beijing is one of the most populated cities in the world with more than 19 million people living there in 2010. There are so many fabulous attractions in Beijing that you may be lost as to where to start. Many would tell you the best place is the Forbidden City and this is true for all sorts of reasons. If you’re travelling with a group, checking out the Beijing group travel discounts at would be a fantastic idea!

Forbidden City

The largest palace in the world covers around 720,000 square meters. It houses more than 9,000 rooms spread out over 800 buildings. During the Ming and Qing Dynasty it held 24 emperors ruling China. Nominated by the UNESCO to be part of the world’s cultural heritage spots, it is also considered the number five in most at beautiful palaces worldwide. It is located in Tiananmen Square, which coincidentally is the world’s largest city square and another must see attraction.

Built with beauty in mind, it got its name from the fact that no commoner was allowed anywhere near it. It seems to have stepped right out a fantasy tale complete with dragons decorating many walls and structures and a six foot deep moat. When visiting, make sure you don’t miss the Treasure Gallery, the Dragon Throne and the Hall of Supreme Harmony.

The Great Wall

A trip to Beijing, China would simply not be complete without seeing the massive wall that is so famous. It attracts thousands of people daily and is considered one of the wonders in the world. The Great Wall of China covers approximately 8,851.78 km. It holds the Ming tombs which hold 13 different emperors in a cluster that ruled from the period 1368 thru 1644. The total area spans approximately 120 km sq. in Changping County. Visit for the Changping hotel deals available for you.

The Summer Palace

Don’t forget to check out the grandest imperial garden worldwide. It includes the Temple of Heaven as well as Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake. These gardens are famous worldwide and a definite must see. If you looking for a nearby place to enjoy all these great locations, provides a list of China hotel deals you can choose form.

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