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The Historic City of Philadelphia

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By Bob Levin on July 9th, 2013

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Philadelphia is popularly known as the place where the Declaration of Independence was signed.  However, the city is also full of other historic monuments, buildings and museums that you will surely want to see.  The part known as “Historic Philadelphia” covers parts of the old city and city center neighborhoods.  Luckily, you can explore these over a period of days if you get yourself checked in one of the available Philadelphia cheap hotels in the area.

What Philadelphia is Famous For

Once there, check out some of the most famous and favorite tourist destinations of Philadelphia, including the following three.

1. The Liberty Bell: No matter how short your visit, don’t forget to check out the ubiquitous cracked Liberty Bell.  If you can’t stay long because of your budget check out Philadelphia PA hotel deals as they can make your stay comfortable and extremely affordable.

2. Independence Hall: Another attraction you should check out the Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed.  When you enter the building, you can get a thorough and detailed tour.  However, you should know that even though entrance is free, you are required to have a ticket between March and December.

3. Franklin Court: The third place which you will find particularly interesting is the place where the Benjamin Franklin house first stood.  Sadly, the original house was torn down in the 1800’s, but the steel framed outline still exists.  The site where the house once stood is called the Franklin Court and has a museum with a print shop and a working post office that has Franklin’s originals postmarks and a lot of other material as well.

Getting Good Deals for Your Philadelphia Accommodation

So, check out Philadelphia hotel discounts on so that you can stay long in sunny Philly for long and see the above mentioned three attractions and other hotspots of the city.

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