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The Internet Opens Travel Up For EVERYONE!

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By Bob Levin on March 6th, 2012

Categories: The Travel Debunker

We have a lot of misconceptions about travel these days. Some people believe travel isn’t safe. Some people believe travel is difficult to plan and accomplish. And the vast majority of the population seems to believe only certain small groups of people are able to travel, and that everyone else has to stick as close to home as possible for the majority of their lives. While all of these notions are totally wrong, it’s this last misconception, the idea that only a few people will be able to travel during their lives, that is the most debilitating.

The funny thing about this misguided idea is the fact everyone has a different opinion about who makes up this lucky minority. Less wealthy people believe only rich people have the money to travel throughout their lives. Wealthy people often think only less wealthy people have the time to travel often. Young people think they’ll only be able to travel when they’re retired, and retired people often believe traveling is something only young people can take full advantage of. Everyone you talk to will have a different idea about what type of person should travel, and most people you talk to don’t believe they belong to a privileged and travel-worthy group.

The truth of the matter is ANYONE who wants to travel can do so. Whether you’re old or young, rich or poor, the main barrier preventing you from traveling is your own belief that regular travel is something for other people and not yourself. The rise of the Internet and websites like ours has made traveling not only incredibly simple, easy and convenient to plan, it’s also made every aspect of traveling, from your transportation to your lodging, considerably less expensive than it was just a decade or two ago.

It may be difficult to give yourself permission to start traveling now, but as soon as you get home from your first trip you will immediately start planning your next!

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