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Three Terrific Places Providence RI Is Proud Of

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By Bob Levin on November 12th, 2013

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Providence, Rhode Island

Nicknamed “Creative Capital” for its educational resources and arts community, Providence is the capital of Rhode Island and the third largest city in the New England region. The city was named after God’s merciful Providence by its founder and attracts thousands of tourists every year. With plenty of exciting places to visit, make sure to first book yourself in one of the Providence cheap hotels available to splurge more on the following three attractions.

What Travelers Flock to in Providence

Dunkin’ Donuts Center

This is an indoor arena where great events are scheduled throughout the year. From exciting sporting events to other thrilling entertainment episodes, the Dunkin’ Donuts Center is a ‘happening’ place. Recent renovations have made the arena even more spectacular. The next time you visit Providence, check out what event the center is hosting.

Providence Performing Arts Center

For a city that’s so proud of its arts community, you would expect it to have a brilliant performing arts center. Providence doesn’t disappoint; the Providence Performing Arts Center (PPAC) is the perfect place to illuminate your night in the city. From its small, excellent shows to easy parking and all the way to inexpensive tickets, PPACoffers a brilliant and affordable alternative to Broadway.

Providence River

You will love the tidal Providence River. You can take a peaceful and relaxing walk along this mesmerizing river. The area has been recently beautified to make it more pedestrian friendly. Not only does it provide a scenic walking venue, but it serves as a great shortcut to the state building and mall! All of this makes it perfect for a night out in Providence.

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