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Tips for Traveling to England With Your Baby

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By Bob Levin on June 26th, 2012

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It is never easy to travel with an infant. You must constantly be prepared for the unexpected. Making hotel reservations in advance will at least take that concern of lodging from your mind. If your destination is London, quality hotels are not a problem. The entire UK is dotted with great hotels and motels that will let you have a vacation that won’t send you home bankrupt.

Great hotels provide excellent service which is almost a prerequisite when traveling with a baby. It will be easy to find anything you need for baby care in England, even though it may be called by a different name. Your hotel room will be equipped with a changing table and bassinette or crib, depending on the baby’s age, so long as you specify that you are traveling with a baby.

Even though your hotel room will be at a low rate, services will not be stunted. Your hotel lodging will include all the amenities as if you had paid full price. When you want to explore London for an evening out, a nanny will be available for hire. These nannies are qualified and certified. You can also rent a car in advance so that when you get to your hotel, your rental car will be waiting for you, with baby car seat installed.

Taking a trip to Paris from London can be one of the biggest excitements of the entire trip to Europe. You can drive in your rental car to Folkestone in Kent, deposit the car onto the Eurostar shuttle, let yourself be transported through the Channel Tunnel, roll off again in Coquelles, Pas-de-Calais and you are in France. From there, you drive to your hotel rooms in Paris and enjoy low rates and quality lodging there. You will have excellent accommodations in your rooms and the most helpful hotel staff. Your baby will never feel any discomfort because your hotel reservations were carefully considered by the hotel management and everything was done to make your stay as pleasant as possible.


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