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Top Five American Beaches

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By Bob Levin on June 19th, 2012

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Some of the best beaches in the United States are well within your reach when you make hotel reservations in advance. You can take advantage of low rates that last for only a short time or make your reservations for year ‘round economically priced hotel rooms. For whichever beach you make your reservations for your hotel or quality motel, you will never be far from your destination.

The number one beach for a long time has been Maui. Beautiful Hawaii seems to abound with pristine beaches, one more inviting than the next. Your motel lodging, or hotel rooms, will be within walking distance of any beach, if it is not directly at the beach. The low rates will help make this a wonderful vacation.

Number two of the most fabulous beaches goes to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Here you will have hotel rooms in United States territory but get the Caribbean Island flavor thrown in. You get to experience steel drums and exotic foods and yet not be linguistically impaired by not knowing a certain foreign language. The beaches are clean and white, and island life will let you relax like never before.

The third and fourth spots have been reserved for The Big Island of Hawaii and Oahu respectively. Usually you find prices that are a little steep when making motel reservations in any place in Hawaii. That is not always the case right now. You can go on the internet and do a little research on travel prices and motel rooms. You may be very surprised at the extremely low rates that are being offered. If you go during a time that is off-season, you may even save more.

Fifth, another great place of beaches is the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Just a hop-skip-and-a-jump away from mainland North Carolina, you will experience history like you never did before. This is a great beach, with wonderful quality motels, for windsurfing and those who like to fish will think they’ve gone to heaven.

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