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Top Hawaiian Beaches You Need to Go To

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By Bob Levin on July 23rd, 2013

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Hawaii is the ultimate destination for a lot of people all over the world. This part of the world has been known to attract a variety of tourists in the summer time as well as in winter and spring. The one reason why there is so much hustle and bustle all year around is the attractive power of the sandy beaches and the clear waters.

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However, before heading there, remember to book a Hawaii cheap hotel so that you can enjoy the whole island without paying much for accommodation. You can also get some of the best Hawaii hotel deals via so that you can further reduce your accommodation bill. With this factor booked and managed, you can easily enjoy the following two top Hawaii beaches without a worry in the world.

Most Amazing Hawaii Beaches

The Duke Kahanamoku Beach- Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

The Duke Kahanamoku beach is part of the Waikiki Beach and is situated in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort. It is the largest and widest beach in Waikiki and is ideal for families with children. However, whether you are alone or with your family, you should always take care of wearing the right footwear as the beach does have a rocky bottom. That aside, you are welcome to take part in a special event that takes place every Friday night: the ‘King’s Jubilee’ torch lightening ceremony. Featuring fireworks, the event manages to attract a lot of tourists.

Waimanalo Bay Beach Park Oahu, Hawaii

This particular park has ample parking, outdoor showers, restrooms and a nice clear beach that is ideal for swimming. The one feature that makes this beach good for families is that there are rarely any dangerous currents and waves. Besides, because the life guards are always present, there is nothing to worry about.

So, visit these beaches soon, but first check out Hawaii hotel deals on to book your hotel in advance.

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