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Two Ways to Travel, Which Will You Choose?

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By Bob Levin on March 21st, 2012

Categories: The Travel Debunker

If you told the average person you were planning on traveling they would invariably formulate a very clear and precise mental image of what you were planning on doing. That’s because we all tend to define traveling in a single way. For most of us traveling means first flying or driving to a city or a remote location, and then going to all the attraction located in and around that location.

So if you told the average person you were traveling to New York City they would assume you meant you were going to stay in a hotel in mid-town Manhattan for a few days, and while you were there you would check out all the museums and tourist attractions like the Empire State Building and 5th avenue, and that you would take a bus tour or a walking tour, and might go to a few famous restaurants before heading home. This is the general idea of what we mean when we say we’re visiting New York City specifically, and what we mean when we say we’re traveling in general.

Nearly every location, whether that location is a city or a natural attraction (such as Yellowstone National Park) has its share of notable sights that are famous throughout the country, if not the world, and that are commonly known as “tourist” destinations. There’s nothing wrong with this form of traveling, but there is another way to see the world that is equally valid and which offers a different approach to visiting new locations.

The second form of traveling is simpler than the first, and essentially involves doing your best to get a feel for the way residents of that location understand the world and live their lives. Instead of visiting all of the landmarks, attractions, and famous restaurants a location has to offer, spend your time seeking out and enjoying the haunts the locals prefer to frequent. This second form of traveling is slower and less focused than the more commonly practiced form of traveling. It provides a unique way of exploring the world.

Both of these forms of travel are rewarding and enriching. The form you choose to undertake will largely depend on the amount of time you have to travel and your personal inclination.

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