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What Paris Offers to Food Lovers

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By Bob Levin on September 10th, 2013

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One of the reasons why the French, especially those in Paris, are so famous is the food they serve in their restaurants. If you are planning to go to the City of Love, be sure to try out a couple of its locals’ sweet and savory dishes. However, before heading out, keep in mind that you should book your accommodation and try getting Paris hotel discounts to have more money to spend on these delicious dishes.

Something Sweet in Paris

For those who love everything sweet, here are two delish options to savor in Paris:

Pain au Chocolat: If you have a sweet tooth and feel like having something that is freshly baked, go for the buttery and flaky croissant filled with dark chocolate. This one of a kind croissant is best with espresso that has a touch of cream. Alternatively, you can try out the Pain au raisin which is filled with raisins.

Macarons: These macarons, which shouldn’t be confused with coconut macaroons, are an ultra-light confectionery made from egg whites, sugar, ground almonds, and food colorings. They are served in a variety of colors and are popular all over the world thanks to Paris. By taking advantage of Paris hotel deals, you can live near a bakery which sells these macarons to you every morning.

Something Savory in Paris

Now for something a little salty and savory:

Fromage: When you are in Paris, you must try out the cheese at one of the local formageries. If you don’t get a chance to visit the formageries, ask for a chariot de fromage and the waiter will present you a trolley of cheese to choose from.

Crepes: Another favorite of the French are crepes. These are either served savory or sweet. For a salty yet delightful combination, try out a buckwheat galette filled with ham and cheese.

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