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What To Visit When You See Argentina

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By Bob Levin on May 21st, 2013

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If you’re planning a trip, take advantage of Argentina travel rates and see one of the most beautiful places in South America, the place where the Tango began. Here you can enjoy fabulous people, wonderful music, great food and fantastic wine. Check out these hot spots you’ll want to see on your trip.

Argentina’s Best Attractions

Buenos Aires

It’s hard to speak about Argentina without talking about Buenos Aires. The capital is vibrant and rich with life right in eastern central Argentina. It is near the border of Uruguay. It’s an electric hub for business, fine dining and the tango, giving it the nickname of South America’s Paris. Many people don’t realize Tango was born in this city during the twenties.


Close to the boarder in southwestern Argentina is the base where people venture into exploring nearby lakes and forests. Just west of the area are the Andes’ foothills and to the east are the steeps of Patagonia.


Take a walk on the wild side of Argentina and see the undeveloped region of Pampas. Possibly one of the few spots in the world where there are still real cowboys practicing the old traditions. While here take in the sights of the hundreds of Flamingos. There are spots nearby where you can take advantage of Argentina hotel deals.


Check out this hub for wonderful art while in Argentina. The city is one of the oldest and still maintains its historic, picturesque sights. It is a place where you can find insight into the economic, political and social environment of current day Argentina.

Tierra del Fuego

Don’t forget to check out the fabulous fauna and flora of Tierra del Fuego. Here you can enjoy kayaking in the most amazing rivers in addition to sight-seeing, fishing and nature walks.

Argentina Group Travel Rates

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