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With the advances in technological communications, meeting abroad as a group happens each and every day as people from all over the world gather for business, for concerts, and just for pleasure. More and more hotels are offering great deals on group rates and meeting venues. So, whether your group is interested in nature, commerce, historical sites, exploring different cuisines or experiencing the arts, the world is your oyster and Motel.com can help you find a pearl of a hotel.

Your group will enjoy visiting Brazil whether they are interested in ecology and the rain forests, or want to party and shop in Rio de Janeiro where music, food and fun reign. See the breathtaking Iguacu Falls, or bask on the pristine beaches of Salvador and your group will be talking about this trip for years to come.

Jamaica has a vibe and culture all its own. A blend of European and African ancestries, the people are as warm as the sandy beaches. Your group will love the brightly colored art, lively music and tropical dishes. Hotel rooms are cheaper than you think, so book your next get together here. You will not want to leave.

Mexico has cheap hotel rates and just about any terrain you can imagine from forested mountains to tropics, to deserts, to beaches. The capital is Mexico City built on a lake where legend says an eagle killed a snake. Shopping and museums are excellent in this modern city of flower gardens and river parks. Travel south to find the ancient pyramids of the Aztecs. You have your choice of beaches from Cancun on the Gulf side to Puerto Vallarta on the Atlantic side. Your group will cry Ole! when they see you have booked their next meeting there.

Meetings are happening in mainland http://www.motel.com/groups/int/china/">China, a country with thousands of years of heritage, culture and history as well as a booming economy. Since the Olympics in Beijing, more and more people have discovered this modern vibrant city with cheaply priced hotel rooms and international flair in shopping, arts and commerce.


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