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More and more business is being conducted in China, now one of the leading countries in technology and commerce. Its metropolis centers are internationally known for shopping, manufacturing and advances in science. But there is an ancient culture and tradition permeating this land that draws tourists in groups as well. This is a vast Eastern world of sacred mountains, grasslands and deserts in Mongolia, and mysticism and pagodas in the south. Walk the Great Wall of China, cruise the Yangtze River and experience the vibrancy of the harbors. Find serenity in temple parks and gardens, and learn about this fascinating culture in the museums, on the streets, and in the fabulous local restaurants and shops. You can find great group rates on hotel rooms as well as places to meet in China.

Beijing, host to the 2008 Olympic summer games, is a popular meeting place for groups of all sizes. Just a short drive from the Great Wall, this vibrant city once held the famous Ming dynasty royals in seclusion and protection. Your group will discover breathtakingly beautiful gardens, and temples as well as museums to explore, especially near the famous Tiananmen Square. Travel by bus or bike to the sites, restaurants and nightclubs throughout the four central districts.

Shanghai is the modern city brimming with commerce, shopping and life. Yet, it has a serene Oriental undertone in the city parks filled with flowers, trees and religious statues. Walk in the famous Longhua Park with is gigantic marble buddhas amidst peach blossoms. Take a leisurely cruise up the Yangtze River or hang out in the People's Square. The Xin Tain Di district is where your group will discover shops, restaurants and nightclubs. Tour the Museum of Science and Technology. Take a day excursion into the so called water towns, easily arranged from your low-priced hotel.

Shenzhen is where groups come to have fun. Once a sleepy harbor, it is now a vibrant city for shopping, entertainment and theme parks. There are good beaches for water sports and relaxing as well.


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