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Puerto Rico Group Travel Rates

It is cheaper than you think to fly your group to Puerto Rico. This "51rst state" is a tropical paradise that accepts American money and has American banks and ATM's. Plus you can find great deals on Puerto Rico group travel discounts in many of the hotels. Whether it is a wedding, business merger or 25th high school reunion, groups meet up in Puerto Rico and have a blast.

San Juan is the largest city and the capital. It is such a popular destination it is serviced by two international airports. Called the Walled City because it was a strategic fort for the Spanish, it is over 500 years old. History buffs will want to tour the La Forteleza, and the Castillo San D Felipe del Morro. But, it is also a very modern city. The Puerto Rico Convention Center is state of the art. But people come here for the pristine tropical beaches. Take a day trip to Isla Verde, or the green Island. Hike in the El Yunque National Forest to see exotic birds, tropical parrots and amazing waterfalls. Then, return to the city for an evening of live music, fabulous foods and dancing. Did we mention the casinos?

Cabo Rojo is on the southwestern side of the island. You can find shimmering sunsets, soft beaches and a true tropical feel here. Besides the Cabo Rojo group travel discounts, there are other things which your group will not quickly forget like the natural bridges carved by centuries of waves in the rock cliffs. Walk along the grassy lands and view brilliant turquoise waters as the ocean breezes kiss your cheeks. You will definitely want to tour the lighthouses, and then go snorkeling on Mona Island.

The second largest city on the island is Ponce to the east of Cabo Rojo. This city is known as the Coty of Lions because it was named after Ponce de Leon's family. It is also known as the Pearl of the South. Your group can find a pearl of a deal in hotels offering Ponce group travel discounts. Like most Spanish styled cities it is centered around a plaza. But the Plaza de las Delicias is breathtaking with the fountains, architecture and even red and black historic firehouse. There are excellent museums to explore here as well.

Puerto Rico

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