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Have you considered meeting up in the great Pacific Northwest? You should. Not only can you find great Washington State group travel discounts, but an abundance of things to see and do. If your group loves the great outdoors, this state has breathtaking mountains, forests, rivers and beaches. If you prefer the urban scene, there are wonderful cities filled with music and arts, fabulous cuisines and diverse cultures. So, check out the cheap hotel deals and plan for your group to visit Washington this year.

The largest city in Washington state is of course the booming port town known for its fresh fish markets and coffee houses—the eclectic Seattle. You will find a variety of hotels offering group travel deals in Seattle as well as sites worth touring, like the famous Space Needle and Pikes Place Market where fresh fish is just the beginning of the shopping experience. Book meeting space at the Washington Convention and Trade Center or the Westfield South Center. Then, venture out to tour the fabulous art museums, Chinatown and watch the giant cruise ships and tankers float in and out of Bell Street Pier. Book a harbor cruise tour, or take a day trip to Mount Rainer. Whether your group is all about business or family fun, Seattle's exciting urban pulse will captivate you—so will the scenery, and the sports. This is home to the Seahawks and the Mariners.

If your group loves nature and water sports, then you must book a Spokane group travel discount deal at one of the many hotels in the area. There are over seventy lakes and rivers within a short drive of the city. Situated near the border with Idaho, Spokane is a great hub for discovering our National Parks, many of which are within an easy half day or less drive. Plus, there are over thirty golf courses in the area as well as bird sanctuaries and hiking trails. In town, your group will find jewels such as Riverfront Park with over a hundred acres of fun right in the downtown district.

Another great city for meeting as a group is Tacoma on Puget Sound near Seattle. There are several universities which offer meeting venues as well as hotels offering Tacoma group travel discounts on rooms and meeting places. Tacoma is known for its culture and museums, but also for its beauty in the shadow of Mount Rainer.


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