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With reasonably priced international air travel and low-cost hotels, visiting Europe is more feasible than ever, whether you are going for a meeting, vacation or to discover your roots. The Euro has made pricing more universal throughout the continent, except in the United Kingdom where the pound still rules. So, come visit the "Old Country". There is nothing like European charm, cuisines and historic sites. From the beaches of Italy to the alpine beauty of Germany to the picturesque wine country of France and the lochs and castles of the United Kingdom, you will want to return again and again.

Begin in the United Kingdom, which consists of Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. This group of islands once ruled the world. It will rule your heart. Each country is unique and steeped in history and culture. From Edinburgh to the fishing communities along the shores, the monoliths of Stonehenge to the quaint pubs and trendy fashion districts of London, the Celtic highlands and Welsh cliffs, the United Kingdom offers good times, traditions and beauty.

France conjures up romance, wine and a laissez faire way of life. Paris is one of the world's most prominent fashion, culinary and arts hub. Travel to the Riviera or Cannes to attend the international film festival. Spend a day in Notre Dame or the Louvre, then travel to the southern wine country, home of Champagne and Boudreaux. Motel.com can help you find low-priced hotel rooms near the best vineyards. For winter fun, don’t forget the French side of the Alps.

Italy is home to the Vatican and Rome, the city of canals, Venice and the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence in the north. No one does food like the Italians, and the wines are as robust and flavorful as the culture. From the beaches to the mountains, this European boot has charmed visitors for thousands of years. Its cheap hotels and picturesque countryside will charm you as well.

Spain with its arts, lively culture and mild winters is a perfect vacation spot, while Germany provides forested mountains, Bavarian castles, robust beer and foods, and academia.

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