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Italy is a little bit of everything - beautiful mountain villages in the north, history and cathedrals near Rome and the Vatican City, and wine vineyards and Mediterranean beaches to the south. One of the favorite countries to visit in all of Europe, Italy is the country of gondolas, columns, pasta and wine as well as surprisingly low priced hotel rooms.

When most people think of Italy they think of Rome. It is not only the capital but the largest city in the country. Here was once the seat of the Western world, home to the Colosseum. A city of churches, many are worth touring, but you shouldn’t miss St Peter's Basilica in Vatican City. Enjoy the many fountains in the city and make a wish by tossing a coin. Everywhere you look is art, history and a touch of romance in the air. Need we mention the food?

Florence is where the Renaissance began. People come for the art galleries and museums. Northern Italy is scenic and lush, home to Romeo and Juliet. Visit the Uffizi, the statue of David by Michelangelo housed at the Academia. Beyond the art and the museums lies fabulous shopping along Old World streets. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the Market of San Lorenzo. Hike up from your cheaply priced motel along the path to the Pizzale Michelangelo and get a breathtaking view of the city and countryside.

Venture to the city of canals and gondolas, Venice. This ancient city has 400 bridges along 150 canals as well as streets and plazas. The most famous is the Bridge of Sighs where lovers pass under its arches. See beautiful frescos and Italian style architecture at its finest. The Grand Canal comes alive at night as the lights shimmer all over the city. Even if you are not into opera, you should spend one evening at the La Fenice Theatre. For an overview of the city, take the elevators up into the Campanile di San Marco, once a lighthouse.


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