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Traveling abroad can be confusing, especially international travel. Changes in currency, language and customs can all be daunting. But there are three things you can be sure of. First, you will always remember your trip. Second, you will learn so many new things. Third, Motel.com can help you land the best deals on hotels which are cheaply priced but offer you great services to make your transitioning a bit easier. Cyberspace technology has made the world shrink, and there is no better time to travel the globe in comfort than now.

More and more people are visiting China, partially due to improved relationships between the Chinese government and the west, and because of the exposure from hosting the Olympic games in Bejing. China is a vast country. From riding a rickshaw through the streets of the harbor city of Shanghai to the Great Wall, there are many wonders to experience. Tour Buddhist temples and meticulously pruned gardens as you surround yourself in the Oriental culture.

Steeped in religion and traditions, Thailand is a beautiful country with a proud heritage. Birthplace of the famous Muay Thai boxing, this country is both modern and ancient all rolled into one fascinating experience. Visit breathtaking temples and parks, or the never-sleeps bustle and nightlife of Bangkok.

When it is winter in North America and Europe, it is summer in South America. Come visit the festive country of Brazil. The party never ceases in Rio de Janerio a bustling metropolis on the Atlantic Ocean. But Brazil is also a nature lover's mecca with the Amazon and tropical forest regions, and the beaches are fabulous for scuba, surfing, and deep sea fishing, especially in Salvador.

Speaking of beaches, the white sands and crystal clear turquoise waters of the Caribbean beckons. Visit Aruba then sail on to the Reggae capital of Jamaica, man, where festivals rule and the tropical drinks refresh.

Hola. Bienvividos de Mexico. This south of the border country is vast with beaches in the Gulf near Cancun to the Atlantic cities of Acapluco and Puerta Vallarta. Come inland to the mountains and discover the capital, Mexcio City where water gardens, markets and ancient Aztec pyramids can be explored.

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