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One of the most popular places to travel abroad is Brazil. Motel.com can help you find great deals on International hotel rooms throughout this fascinating South American country with a Portuguese flair. Brazil is the largest country in South America with a variety of sites to experience from the Amazon River, to the beaches, to the carnivals.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the largest metropolis in the country and home to the Carnival, a world famous celebration the week before the Roman Catholic season of Lent. Described as Mardi Gras on steroids, the festivities so on for a week, night and day. Even then, you can find great deals on hotels. A bustling seaport, Rio is home of the famous Cristo Redentor that looks out over the city from Corcovado Mountain. Ride the cable cars up Sugarloaf Mountain for a panoramic view of the city spread out below. In the middle of this modern city of shopping, nightclubs and museums is the amazing urban greenscape called the Tijuca Forest.

Sao Paulo is the largest city where over 10 million people live. Culture thrives here, and it is often called the Los Angeles of Brazil. It is also a city of diversity with stores and eateries in the Italian, Jewish, Arabic and Japanese sectors. Come to the Jardin district for fine dining, especially on Brazilian beef, but come late. It is custom for dinner to begin about 9pm and go as late as 3 am. Be sure to take in the museums and watch a performance of capoeira, a native martial arts dance.

Salvador on the southern coast is a city of breathtaking beauty and surprisingly inexpensive hotels with ocean views. It is an ancient city, once the colonial capital under Portuguese rule, so there is a vast history here as well as an African influence from one time slaves. You will love walking down the old cobblestoned streets full of quaint shops, cafes, churches and brightly colored buildings of the Pelourinho, and then hit the beaches on the other side of the bay warmed by ocean breezes.


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