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Nicknamed the "Cornhusker State," Nebraska has a lot to offer visitors and residents alike. With agriculture as its primary industry, Nebraska is a major player in food processing and beef production. Nebraska bases its economy on cattle, corn, hogs, soybeans, wheat sorghum machinery, electric equipment, printing and publishing. And with lots of tourist attractions and some very discounted hotel offerings, Nebraska makes for an appealing vacation destination.

Omaha is one of the major cities of Nebraska and as such has a vibrant downtown area that continues to grow with few social and environmental problems. You'll find great deals on affordable motel rooms in Omaha. Home to the U.S Air Force Strategic Air Command, Omaha also is one of the nation's major insurance and telecommunications centers.

Another popular vacation destination in Nebraska is Lincoln, the capital of the state. With its extensive park system, Lincoln has over 100 individual parks for your enjoyment and entertainment pleasure. The largest of these parks is Antelope Park, which contains the Lincoln Children's Zoo and the Sunken Gardens, both popular as visitor destinations. There are an abundance of low-priced motel rooms located nearby.

North Platte is a great family vacation area where you can enjoy a minimum of 136 different kinds of attractions ranging from the North Platte Area Children's Museum, Cinda's Custom Framing and Art Gallery, Maloney State Recreation Area, Larry's Lunar Cheese, and Fort Cody Trading Post. Look for convenient and low-cost hotel rooms on this site. In addition, you can find many golf courses, lots of festivals, some major landmarks, shopping and even a brewery in North Platte. Book your discounted hotel room on motel.com today and see what North Platte is about.

Home to the Museum of Nebraska Art, the state's official art collection, Kearney is an oft-visited city by residents and tourists. With the Tri-City Storm (a US hockey team) and two famous microbreweries Thunderhead Brewing and the Platte Valley Brewery located here, Kearney has a lot to offer visitors.Put your travel dates in the box to the left for affordable hotel deals.

Grand Island, in central Nebraska, is a Platte River oasis that offers tourist attractions, an active trade center, employment opportunities, and human service programs to its very agricultural-based population. Plenty of comfortable and convenient motel rooms can be found here. As the retail hub of central Nebraska, Grand Island offers visitors great discounted lodging, fine dining, lots of shopping, cultural and not-so-cultural entertainment, and some great people to enjoy recreational activities with.

With the many discounted hotel rooms available throughout the state, Nebraska makes for a wonderful and affordable vacation destination.


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