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New York State is one of the three largest states in the nation and houses the Number 1 city in the U.S. With an estimated population of about 19 million people, New York is famous for welcoming foreigners and visitors alike. And despite the portrayal of New York as being mostly concrete, the majority of the state is comprised of farms, forests, mountains, rivers and lakes. Plan a trip to Niagara Falls, the Hudson River or the Appalachian Valley, and you'll experience the natural beauty of the state first hand. Just book your discount hotel accommodation here and explore this diverse state.

Most people's first visit to the state is to New York, where sites such as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, and Central Park take center stage. However, stay a few days longer than planned, and you'll see an entirely different New York City as you venture out to the various boroughs and explore the cultural diversity and ethnicity of this city that never sleeps.

You'll miss some very noteworthy and exciting places, if you concentrate only on seeing the glitter and sparkle of New York City. Other well-known cities in New York you don't want to miss seeing include the following.

Buffalo - Buffalo is a vital, diverse city with plenty of culture. You'll find museums, a popular zoo and delightful restaurants. Book a cheap motel room in Buffalo and see another side of New York.

Albany - New York's historic capital city is located on the banks of the mighty Hudson River. Albany entices visitors with its many historic sites, family-friendly amenities, fabulous attractions, and spectacular events. You'll find lots of affordable low rate hotel accommodations here.

Rochester - A mid-sized city on the shores of Lake Ontario, Rochester is a city with historical treasures complemented by modern family-friendly attractions and elegant discounted hotel rooms that rival those encountered in much larger communities.

Niagara Falls - With such a beautiful site located here, what's not to enjoy in Niagara Falls. The Falls have and continue to provide families and individuals with the experience of a lifetime. And not only is Niagara Falls home to the spectacular Falls, but it is a place rich in culture, history, shopping, outdoor activities, and adventures. Book your discount hotel room here for a firsthand view of this amazing area.

Syracuse - Filled with fascinating Erie Canal parks that pepper the east-west route of this historic canal, Syracuse offers visitors some gorgeous lakes to view, some terrific fishing to engage in and much scenic beauty to enjoy. And with a wide variety of visual and performing arts offerings, not to mention some very cheap motel offerings, Syracuse is a city to visit.


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