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Portland- The Multicultural Experience

Portland is by the very nature of the name, a thriving Pacific port. Being multicultural comes along with that. It makes this city unique, fascinating and always exciting. Every day in Portland, it seems there is something interesting going on, most of it in easy access of discount Portland hotels.

The Albina district in the northeast quadrant of the city is the predominately where the African American culture can be found. Here you can find the Walls of Pride, a collection of mural and public art throughout the area. They say the barbers in this section of the city are the best in the nation. You can find unique boutiques, Jazz and R&B clubs and restaurants, and art galleries. Clyde's Prime Rib is a local favorite for live bands and great food. The Africa Bistro offers cuisine from different regions of the continent.

Old Town is Portland's Chinatown where legends of 19th century shanghaied kidnappings occurred through the tunnels. But today, it is bubbling over with culture, authentic restaurants and shops. This is in the northwest quadrant and in the free public transportation zone. The first Thursday of the month, join the ArtWalk which offers free refreshments and peeks into some of the best galleries in town. It extends into the downtown and Pearl Districts as well. Breathe in the serenity of the Lan Su Chinese Garden with its historic Ming Dynasty influenced wandering paths, water features and tea house.

Portland also has a thriving Japanese culture in the southwestern quadrant close to downtown. Tour the Japanese Historical Plaza in Waterfront Park where traditional festivals occur. Close by is the Japanese Garden on SW Kingston. The Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center gives you a good glimpse into this fascinating people's history and arts.

There is also a thriving Hispanic culture in Portland, mostly in the Beaverton and Clackamas areas. If you like salsa dancing, head to the Santa Fe Taqueria on NW 23rd on Thursday evenings. The Miracle Theatre Group brings the Latino arts to life. Native Americans are also a rich part of Portland and the surrounding areas. Experience the reservations and tribal museums within a few hours of the city like the Warm Springs Reservation and Museum.

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